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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today is Earth Day... Yay... Nay.

Please, allow me to explain my rather surprising position now...
I was recently told to give up on a "hopeless cause" that was extremely dear to me...
I was abruptly cast in a position to make a CHOICE - a choice I didn't want to make - and, having made that choice I am under the rather disgusting impression that nobody gives a damn - nobody cares - nobody understands, certainly... (fear not though; I will not blame any one of you who may be reading this and not "getting it" - I am being cryptic by design and I do NOT want to clarify things, for this one post - okay? Good.)
Thus, I fought the good fight - and it all was for absolutely NOTHING.

And on this day, I should be enthusiastic about championing the lost cause of a globe polluted beyond belief; a mudball careening through space that is truly beyond repair; a planet that is overpopulated by heartless fiends much more than it has genuine kind-hearted angels threading upon its foul soil anymore...?!?

I should care enough to save THIS?!?

Not a chance, folks.
We made our bed - as a species - let us lie in it now!
This earth is doomed, in my estimation. NO ONE will truly change their own little nasty habits that contribute to their own comfort - and the depletion of the planet! NO ONE CARES - again - unless their own fleeting personal well-being is involved. With a species such as this dominating it, this earth has truly not a single snowball's chance in hell of enduring - and it is, hence, a TRUE HOPELESS CAUSE.

One that I give up on - NOW.
As I was forced to give up on another one, weeks ago...

Have a nice... earthy day.

As expected - a comment comes on "that other site" and its feed of my blog... and not here! Hmm... I am glad that I chose to have "that other site" fed, in retrospect - gives me *some* feedback, at least!

The commenter is the same as last time too:

"give up?!?!no ,i will never,it is thanks to this earth you and me are living our beloveds lives,experience the riches of love and see the beauty in each other and other living the end the light will overcome the Luciano maybe you can reconsider giving up,because if you also add your energies to protect our planet we will stand stronger.besides if you truly love this planet,you live in a sustainable way ,i never find it a hard effort to protect our earth and i will never give up"
To which my reply was:

Good for you then

Best I can do is: I'll keep on recycling!

Any further effort is laudable, surely...

However, the amount of damage that has already been done to the planet can only be undone by ONE PERSON and one person only; GOD ALMIGHTY!
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