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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day (Warning: the following is not upbeat all the way through though - and no, I am not like Eminem)

Mother's Day is here once more - and though some mothers did beget the likes of Ted Bundy, Adolf and Osama, others did bring into this wretched world the likes of Karol Wojtyla... André Bessette... Manuel Raposo... Jean Vanier... Thérèse De Lisieux... Lucia Dos Santos... João Pimentel.
And even the mothers who brought forth the Generation Y deserve flowers on Mother's Day
After all, ours is not to ask why...
Mother's Day is always of special significance for me personally - for it comes mere days after my birthday.
Mother's Day this year will be of special significance for my mother, as per usual, but twice moreso since it is the first such special day that she will see through without the company of the man who prayed so much that she would survive the day of delivery...
And I do know many more proud mothers worthy of being celebrated on Mother's Day - too many to list but they know who they are and their sons and daughters will honor them on this day; I need not do it for them.
Mother's Day could be extended in an allegorical way too, in order to celebrate Mother Earth... but then, shouldn't we honor Father Time as well?
I could refrain from asking more questions (such as "do Gen-X'ers really celebrate their mothers too - let alone honor them, and their fathers?" or "What do Generation Y kids do today, when, all year long, their mothers are unable to answer when someone asks Y they were born - pull a Ferris Bueller?" or "What about the mothers of Generation Z today?!?") and skip this entire exercise to return pronto to my mire of distress.
Since, as the case truly is here, just as I did not celebrate my birthday, my mother feels not like being celebrated either; she'd rather have her husband back.
But dear old dad is gone - on doctors' orders.

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