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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Johns And The Medical Establishment...

I guess that, maybe, they have it against Johns, the docs and quacks of this world... Or maybe, since John The Baptist, every man named John (or João... or Jean... or Juan... or Jonas...? I will not search for other versions of the same name at this time) has had a tremendous streak of bad luck...
Especially when it comes time to get something diagnosed fast... or adequately taken care of by men of medecine...

This famous and sad example is but one example - one of MANY. And we have to applaud Amy Yasbeck and the Ritter family for taking it so well when it is clear that a slow progress of medical assessment of the events and the delay in the delivery of the proper diagnosis that this ensued truly... doomed John Ritter (1949-2003).

And so do I have to live with a similar but different "example" (1934-2006) - for each patient is unique. Doctors tend to forget that...

Hey you took my picture of John Ritter you theif !!

LOL Just me
I plead guilty to grand cyber larceny, aye...


The parallels between John Ritter's botched diagnosis and my dear father's own medical hassles had to be addressed though...

Hopefully, I will be like the Good Thief who wound up in heaven with Christ despite his career choice...!
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