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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rest In Peace

Time Goes By... And The Passage Of Time Indicates To Us All Only One Thing; That Life Is An Odd And Oftentimes Incongruous Tapestry Of All Manners Of Things!
Some Of Us Are Gone Too Fast - Others Should Go Faster!
The First Category Includes The Likes Of John Candy... John Lennon... JFK... RFK... John The Baptist... John Belushi... Chris Farley... Gilda Radner... Marty Feldman... John Kennedy Jr... Marie-Soleil Tougas... João Pimentel... Jack Lemmon... Walter Matthau... Lee Remick... John Spencer...
The Second Category - Bin Laden, Fanas, Sevantsian, Bellemarre, Aguiar, Moniz...
Oh, If Your Last Name Is One Of These - My Condoleezas!
Those I Truly Mean To Call The Grim Reaper To Know Who They Are - They're Know-It-Alls, They Must Know!
And That Goes For One Halifax Tool / Shell Of A Man Who Has No Guts Nor Brains Too...
And One Illinois Dumba$$ As Well - He With A Scrawny Build And The Make-Believe Big Dog Attitude That Fools Absolutely No One...
Now, Please Hurry Up On YOUR Grand Journey Then...
Go The Way California Is Going... Mayhaps, Soon Too?


Gettin' born in the state of Mississippi
Papa was a copper and momma was a hippie
In Alabama, she would swing a hammer
Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama
She never knew that there was anything more than poor
What in the world does your company take me for

Black bandana, sweet Louisiana
Robbin' on a bank in the state of Indiana
She's a runner, rebel and a stunner
Condemned everywhere sayin' baby whatcha gonna
Lookin down the barrel of a hot metal .45
Just another way to survive

California rest in peace,
Simultaneous release,
California Show your teeth,
She's my priestess I'm your priest
Yeah Yeah

She's a lover, baby and a fighter
she shoulda seen it comin when it got a little brighter
with a name like Dani California
The day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya
A little loaded she was stealing another breath
I love my baby to death


Bridge: **sung by John**
Who knew the other side of you
Who knew that other side you proved
Too True to say goodbye to you
Too true too sad sad sad

First to fade her, gifted and I made her
One for the now and eleven for the later
Never made it, Up to Minnesota
North Dakota man was a comin' for the quota
DOWN in the badlands she was saving the best for last
it only hurts when I laugh
Gone too fast

Chorus x 2

*john's solo*

Oh - need I remind to those who THINK that they know the Word of God that The Lord Himself ordered Saul and many others to go and slaughter all manners of "beyond salvageable elements" - and spare no one? Wishing death upon evil and scum is NOT against The Word... nor the grain! One has to be able to recognize who is truly evil and true scum - that is not always accurately accomplished...

Any pro or amateur historian will want to have fun identifying all the bands and eras impersonated by the Peppers here (that is, in the event that the second embedded video is still showing, of course!)

A... er, "guest expert" in these rock'n'roll matters sumitted his picks - some are fairly easy, to be honest, but others...

Here goes:



3.Jimmy Hendrix

4.George Clinton (P.funk)

(or some other similar band - aren't they all the same back then - hmm?) pistols


8.motley crue
(or some other similar band - aren't they all the same then, in the 80's - hmm?)

(A nice touch - the candle going out as the words "gone too fast" are sung...)

10.RHCP themselves
George proves my theory about names, btw... A theory that I was forced to revisit recently...
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