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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shades of a Styx song...

Have you heard the one about wasting your time online? Some blue collar workers and other, ah, shall we say "more concrete people" cannot fathom that someone could be FRUITFUL and even (omg-whatta revelation) WORKING online! Well, the link provided here on this day is what really wasting one's time is all about! However, writing, posting one's thoughts all over the net, even putting the dots on the "i"'s in personal messages, whether I.M.'s or e-mails (especially when one is a scribe doubled of a historian, who was, by sheer happenstance, led to rummage through both memories and old documents recently...)
Thus, concocting such spicy material can be a whole lot of different things to you then; research, documentation, first drafts, second drafts, plotting, getting feedback -but just barely- and simply routine practice for thy writings! See now - the PC or MaC is NOT just a TOY!
For everybody else - enjoy the link AND the emblematic theme embedded in here for your viewing and listening pleasure - it is a classic!

A few extra random notes:
It took me seconds to find the link AND the video
(it's all in the web search engine and technique!)
Mere minutes to write this and post it
and being online is not half as addictive nor as BAD as smoking!
Thank you!

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