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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some luminous links today; for those of us who still have some sort of health to protect and preserve...!

I do realize that the luminous blog has not exactly been living up to its name lately... The blog's author being in torment and turmoil and all... Here we will try, timidly, to veer back unto the "right track" - and become, once again, some sort of a lighthouse in the darkness of this cold cruel world ~ for as long as I endure...

About Stevia


Aspartame Kills

The Dorway

Check out these products:
herbal healer: aspartame

Get a catalogue from the Herbal Healer Academy and become a member-it's full of vital information:

I hope this helps out. If you are interested in herbs, they sell them through mail order. They also have courses on Herbology/ Naturopathic Medicine and a whole lot of other luminous stuff too! It is truly a great store. They are based out of Alabama, U.S.A.
I always did like Alabama SONGS; Reba & Shania as well, but that is another story...! :)
For those of you in Brazil and Portugal - I also recommend um bom châsinho de malvas!

And this was the 750th TLB Prime post - according to Blogger that is!

Blogger changed its methods of tabulating these things recently - it is counting actual published posts AND drafts too, now!

By all means, I should be approaching the dreaded number of posts -666- at this time and not the blessed number -777- so soon...

Oh well...
I didn't particularly care much to hit 666 posts on the year that we will have a 06/06/06 mark on the calendar...

See ya at 777!


Let's beat the devil at its own game of numbers - yeah!
for those who asked...

Châsinho de malvas
translates into
TEA of mauves!

Although châsinho is "little tea" (whereas just "châ" would be "tea"...)

Malvas is NOT to be confused with the unfortunate adjective "malvado" or "malvada"...

Good luck finding the herbal miracle known as "malvas"!
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