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Friday, May 19, 2006

"This isn't right. This isn't even wrong." - Wolfgang Pauli

This quote fits the bill alright; it fit the bill so exceptionally well that I just had to use it as the title of today's post. For this luminous blogger and scribe is feeling "that certain way" - again.

This one is truly appalled by the obtuse preponderance that prevails in this world - on this mudball that is, verily, free falling through the Milky Way... Well, let it fall. The best thing that could happen to the Earth is if it would be treated as God's own soccer ball... Maybe that would instill some good old-fashioned common sense into thick and numbskulls alike that run rampant -and roughshod- over all and everything alike...

This one is irate over a million things of that order, a gazillion times over...

This one is despondent at the mere thought of what depths humankind can attain or, indeed, sink to; imagine what it is that this one feels when laying eyes upon such examples of lowliness, "live" and in person...

This one feels indeed like adding to the quote above, some simple words for all to grasp; "this isn't right. This isn't even wrong... It is just stupid, plain and simple!"

Yup - *this one* is not a happy camper... yet again. The culprits for this sorry state of being know who they are - and they may rejoice, for the time being... But let it be known, here and now, that your rejoicing will be very short-lived.

On another level now...
This one was thinking of blasting the Dan Brown saga on this day... not so - it can wait 'til tomorrow.
This one was thinking of maybe mocking the "May 19th" running joke surrounding the release of another piece of rotting celluloid... that is not worthy of this blog and will -maybe- wind up relegated to another "network affiliate" here... if even that.
This one has seen strip him of the pleasure of putting up elaborate playlists even; as if that was too much to ask for... Some of us are truly not allowed a single moment of genuine fun or an outlet to relieve some stress, it seems - not with it being tagged by some kind of unnecessary complication, eventually...

Still, surely ONE VIDEO will not be too much to ask for... Hence, here is your "Luminous Friday Night Video" - again, fitting. As much as the quote above... Enjoy it here though rather than right here on TLB Prime - for, since this whole month's worth of posts has been archived, the MAY 8TH POST'S MUSIC takes precedence over anything else...


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