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Monday, June 05, 2006

Blame it on Mondays...

It must be partly due to the fact that, like most people, I do hate Mondays too. They are bearers of bad news oftentimes - and they are always very hard on you! Hey - first working day o'the week, eh! Hence, it must be why I feel more... rebellious on Mondays. More reckless too. Far more daring - and maybe careless as well? Just like the clown that cries on the inside, my levity is rife with deep melancholy-ridden meaning though... Such is the lot of the nostalgic... the heir of the fado... Such is also the lot of the traditionally unlucky and the desperado! Rhymes with Luciano, y'know...

Hence, I dare more on Mondays - and today, get ready Bush supporters, for I endorse here and now the much-maligned (I'm sure), much controversial and much... supported actually "THEORY" that has Dubya being nothing more than a Führer copy-cat!
He did say once "it is okay to have a dictator as long as the dictator is me" (I paraphrase) - did he not? George wants to be Adolf! All he needs is to grow the tiny mustache, à la Chaplin if he wants to... it will do.

Ah - to hell with the both of you!
And I don't just say that because I need some scapegoats either...
I also don't just say that (type that, to be exact, I know) to make a cute little pun that alludes to the "big party" they are planning for tomorrow down in Michigan... HELL, MICHIGAN to be specific.
There actually are several places named after the execrable Adversary's abode - all over the world - both towns and establishments - but the one I've in mind is "in the unincorporated hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit" - dig?
Find it on the net:
Sorry if it is not a workable link; I feel not like easing the path to "down there" by posting a live link - plus, I'm down on Mondays, remember?
Let Mondays equal to you, dear L.O.V.s, "copy and paste day".
Truth be told for the umpteenth time, Mondays equal to me all manners of nasty things as it is...
I'll blog soon about today's dismal events -or "un-events" as they are- in atypical web journal fashion for I use "blog technology" -or outlets really- as entertaining, philosophically-rich and soul-enriching forays into literary sardonic wit!
I'll blog about the Greek banker and DKD (no acronym for "dekadent" at all - correct spelling is "decadent" anyway - Canadian L.O.V.s will recognize the initials as those of concert promoting extraordinaire Donald K. Donald! Yeah - a legend in his field he is. And another fat ass hypocrite he is too! More on that... later this week!)

Aye - "code and paste day" for you guys today - and run-of-the-mill lousy Monday for me - yay! AND, since we recently had "repeat day" - I think I can make an exception here and re-post the same item within the same post - again! After all, the lessons of history bear repeating indeed; lest we repeat the same mistakes over and over again indeed! Oops - did I repeat "indeed" back there? Aw - does anybody really care whether I did or not? Hmm?

Aww - it is nice to see that fellow bloggers agree with the sad evidence that we presented here, on TLB Prime!

America, it is official. You are Germany. It is the mid to late thirties. P.N.A.C. is the Nazi party. “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” is actually “Mein Kampf”. 911 is the burning of the Reichstag. The only difference is that Adolph Hitler was but one man. PNAC are MANY of the most powerful men on earth.

Dick Cheney was a PNAC founder and a member to this day. He is now Vice President of the World, which means PNAC is Vice President of the World. Donald Rumsfeld was a PNAC founder and remains a member to this day. He now runs the most powerful military in the world. Which means PNAC runs the most powerful military in the world. Paul Wolfowitz was also one of the architects and also remains a member to this day. He was the former assistant secretary of defense. Now he holds the keys to the World Bank. Which means PNAC has the keys to the World Bank.

And Dubya is not a member, per se, but Bro Jeb is! You know, the Bush comin' down the pipe at us? And if Jeb Bush finds his way into the WhiteHouse then as far as I’m concerned the Apocalypse is upon us. And don’t think for a second they couldn’t do it. People, it turns out, want to believe only easy, condensed truths and in many cases actually prefer the lies!

And these jackals are reallllllly good at what they do.

But that is not the Ugly truth to which I refer, not the Final Ugly Truth. Onwards, Sensey, to the matter at hand!


Still unaware of PNAC? Haven't even heard of it through your unbiased MainStreamMedia? Why not visit PNACs very own website? Look it up on Wikipedia. Or revel in blissful ignorance until the next atrocity. It's up to you, for now.

But the unmitigated balls of it! Cheney and the Gang compose a proposal for world domination in the coming century, this new, American century, and damning though it is, nobody thought to expunge it. The names are still up there, proudly! The names remain displayed on the site because they’re proud as hell of it. And they know what I know, and that is that people, it turns out, are for the most part either quite stupid, very lazy or very easily manipulated. They count on this, and why not? It’s worked swimmingly so far.

Anywho, PNAC wrote up an particularly ugly little manifesto in 2000, way before 911, Iraq Deux and even the whole 'strangest vote in American History thingee'. They called it "Rebuilding America's Defenses," a perfect precursor to the type of Orwellian lingo we get hit with in the coming years from the Bush camp because it doesn't have a thing to do with defenses. More like a supreme offense.

Taking charge. Dominating. Everything.

Each of the major tenents of their manifesto has either happened or is in the process of happening, for example:

In 2000, before 911, they wrote they wanted to attack, invade and take over the nation of Iraq. Done and done. Wolfy and Rummy were gunning for it not even a full day after 911, regardless of who was responsible for the horror. Check.

In 2000, before 911, PNAC called for open warfare and wholesale regime-change in the Mid East. Done and done. Underway with Gulf Deux, the invasion of Afghanistan and the impending war against Iran. Check.

In 2000, before 911, PNAC called for the fighting of several major theater wars. Done and Ongoing. Iraq and Afghanistan are just the beginning. Iran is on deck. And some of us are intelligent enough to know it will not stop there. They've told us it will take YEARS and YEARS, this battle of theirs. Check.

In 2000, before 911, PNAC called for the creation of a permanent military presence in Iraq. Done and in progress, and probably the single biggest nameable reason why America is in Iraq RIGHT NOW. And if you don't know that yet, I'm surprised you made it this far. Check.

In 2000, before 911, PNAC called for American commitment to "constabulary duties" in strategically important places. Done and ongoing. So, we're trying to train their police, give 'em a hand, stick around. Check.

In 2000, before 911, PNAC called for 3.8 percent of gross domestic product to be transferred towards the Defense budget. Anybody see where we're at on that? How about ‘dead-on balls.’ Dubya got it for PNAC from the most pliable Congress in history. Check.

The kicker? It says that all these goals are reachable, but not without something akin to Pearl Harbor to polarize the populace. Here's a direct quote, and the smokinest gun you ever saw:

"The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor."

They asked for a new Pearl Harbor and not one year later they got precisely that. That's 911 they're talking about. Hmmm. That's sooooooooooooome coincidence alright....

Check. And Mate.

You catching this, Citizen? YOU! All their wicked little dreams will have to wait unless something Awful and Terrible happens to drench the populace so deeply in fear that they'll acquiesce to just about anything. They got in charge and that's precisely what happened at precisely the time that they were able to completely capitalize on it.

If we were talking about a murder mystery instead of 911, the equivalent would be Dick bragging in a bar about all the cool stuff he could do if only his wife, Jane, were to get pushed down the stairs. The next day, turns out old Janey took a fall down a flight of stairs and Dick's off to the races. Pretty open and shut case for the investigators. Unless of course Dick's in charge of the investigation. Then what happens? Nothing. Janey fell. Or got pushed by Communists, Terrorists, Aliens or whatever the object of Mass Fear is for that particular time and culture.

I hereby openly accuse most of the big players in George W. Bush’s Administration of being behind the attacks on September Eleventh, 2001, to further the goals laid out in painstaking detail in "Rebuilding America's Defenses". That means Mass Murder of those you swore to protect, and High Treason of the Highest office of the land.

Research it yourself. The Pearl Harbor quote can be found on page 51 of that report. See it with your own eyes. Don't wait for the Media to do any of this for you because they NEVER EVER WILL. YOU ARE NOW THE ONLY MEDIA THAT MATTERS.

PNAC believes there is noone to police them. They believe themselves to be functionally above the law. This is not the case. There is but one group on earth with greater power than PNAC, only one group that can possibly hold these Fiends to account, make them pay for their crimes or at least answer to them. And you know who that group is, you know it. Because it's obvious. That group is the American People. So, you.

Make no mistake, Citizens. Evil exists. Its initials are PNAC, and it is these men. The proof is in the last few years on earth. And it only gets worse for as long as the Citizens allow it. For exactly that long and no longer, but that may be forever if the transition of America from birthplace of Freedom and Democracy is allowed to continue its unchecked spiral into War and Tyranny.

That's my ugly Truth. It's been boring a hole through the middle of my skull for a long time, but guess what? Turns out the Truth does set you free, folks, because I've said the worst I can say, done what I could. Greener pastures are mine. My cancer is now yours. Now you have the Truth in you. Do what you will with it.

Aww - how nice that the timestamp on the preceding was "11:11" - hmm?

The blogger who commented the facts so virulently did so on his own blog - and it is NOT found on Blogger either!

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Ok I will remember not to talk to you on Mondays ! YIKES

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