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Friday, June 02, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Video

Here it is, folks & foxes ~ thy lonesome friday night video - during the daytime too, for further enjoyment, surely! Let the murmured words ring to the core of your soul a while longer! Whatever your pedigrees may be - even if you're a filibuster - you will agree with the truth of those words! One lone point of divergence, from little luminous me; "all is NOT forgiven" and it will painfully clear when Jesus Christ DOES return! Aside from that, Ford's message here is accurate, stings where it needs to sting and rings 100% true to me!

Note the opening shot and the inscription that we can clearly see there: "Open Thy Mouth For The Dumb" - something akin to what John The Baptist did, hmm? And the dumb then chopped his head off for it... Of course, the dumb sometimes feel targeted, so some form of aggressive reaction can always be expected...

Personally, I shall open my mouth for the dead - they cannot speak for themselves on this side of things (and, quite frankly, I suspect that now that they see themselves off this mudball, they feel like never coming back to it!)

However, some of their affairs need resolving - like a dangling plot thread that needs resolving in the midst of a chaotic storyline... And a luminous wordsmith is just the man to do that sort of job! So, expect more of that - Marshfield Martians! ;)

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