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Friday, June 30, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Video

Lyrics are important; no matter what they say! The melody has to be catchy, sure - but you can't just say anything and expect the song to be memorable anyway! "La-la-la" songs are a dime-a-dozen; truly deeply-moving words that resonate with the audience as much -if not more- than the melody itself; now THAT is a memorable hit song! And, potentially, an instant classic too!

Looking at the French side, I feel sad for artists such as Ariane Moffat (no relation to the Moffatts - or to the old stove brand either!). Ariane had to do a song about her hometown; alas, for her, all the words that she found that could rhyme with "Montreal" -while making a cohesive and coherent song that made any kind of sense- were the words "mal", "banal" and "fatal"...

I think those speak for themselves and the overall feeling, as a direct result of all this, was the general sense that her town bears, ah, well... NOT the slightest bit of good attributes at all!

Likewise, new artists such as Wilfred Le Bouthillier and Marc Dupré (Céline Dion's sort-of son-in-law!) have nothing else to sing about other than six degrees of separation, or so it seems...?!?
Degrees in an entire other sense, of course; and the same applies to the ''separation'' part there!

And, oftentimes, they actually RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY and start sprouting gibberish to fill out the remainder of the song! Stuff like "laï-laï-b-laï-b-laï-laï"...! Sheesh... As if JOUAL wasn't nonsensical as it is already...!

Well-researched and intricately composed lyrics and songs are under-appreciated though; and it does not help matters one bit that, oftentimes, some of those elegantly weaved tunes start getting on your nerves after the umpteenth listening! (Yes - as, for instance, Regina Spektor's Samson that played here, over and over again, for two weeks! It was time for a change, I tell you! Whew! Go get your haircut already, Sam *and* Regina - BOTH!  Put them out of their misery, Delilah! *LOL*)
And the change is this:

(Ah - but that would be too easy now, wouldn't it? To see and hear and be able to listen to it right here and now! You may have been blessed enough to do so when this post was brand-new or up to 14 days-old... But now it is part of the luminous archives! And only ONE song/video or playlist PER MONTH is allowed here... We're just LOGICAL around here, that's all! Hence, if you must listen to this one - go here asap!)

Quite radical for a change - hmm?
What can I say - music is humanity's last hope to change our moody stagnation that we're mired and quickly sinking in here... And if we don't shake it off soon, we're not getting out of the moving sands of gloom and doom, I tell you (once again!)...

Seal's Crazy and Alanis' cover of it are not striking enough anymore, though... I must say, however, that if I had been told years ago that some "brotha" named Barkley would be singing a song called Crazy, I would've immediately thought that it was Charles indeed! Sir Charles Barkley, former NBA star and spokesman for Speed Stick or some darn thing (gee - how happy the company will be to learn that even prodigious memories like mine don't remember the PRODUCT that they were selling - but remember the spokesman used and the catch-phrase "anything else would be uncivilized!" Of course! It is so unforgettable; to forget it would be un... wise! But that is another story... aye.)

Instead of Charles hence, it's Gnarls Barkley.
Gnarls... He who "remembers when he lost his mind" (that starts off the tune!) 

Gnarls... He seems lost alright as to who can save our souls...!  (Answer: JESUS!)
Gnarls... That sure is a crazy name, too! He reminds me of the loveable Forest Whitaker though - gotta love him! Better that than the all-around improbable Kingpin, Michael Clarke Duncan! Yes, I know - that is, again, another story... Sue me, will ya?!?

Gotta love Gnarls indeed - gotta love the Rorshach test motif of the video (I believe it is a first in music video history - amazingly enough!)

Note that, speaking of it, administration of the Rorshach test is not a violation of rights per say, but interpretation of the test should reflect knowledge of its limitations in a forensic setting. That's for all of you cops and wannabe cops out there... From Forest to forensics - only luminous connections, as they are routinely made here on TLB Prime, could put it all together this way! Or... as the song says it's... naaaaah; DON'T SAY IT!  Just go listen to it - and then come back here, for more archives!

I certainly was going crazy with grief, recently enough...
Bless your soul, you who were there for me when I needed it the most.
The rest of you... YOU may yet be the crazy one here! ;)
Only here, on TLB PRIME, could one get such a luminous switcharoo, eh? *LOL*

Sempre Por O Melhor

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