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Thursday, June 15, 2006

No news - good news? Old news - better news!

I just said the other day here that all CROWE MUSICAL ACTS should be tarred and feathered or something... *LOL*

And then I hear the lead singer of the commendable GREAT BIG SEA come out publicly lauding a CROWE...?!?

Irony - biting as ever - but with a twist - as I like it! ;)
For the Crowe in question is not one of the Black Crowes... much less Sheryl (she's missing the "e" anyways in HER version of the name - and is also missing quite a few more things as well... She misplaced her fiancé, among other things... and her talent too, I would say! But enough digressing about her now - waste of breath!)

No - the Crowe in question here is one RUSSELL CROWE... the ACK-TORRRR... yes!
The Master and Commander of the Sea himself - aye!
He has a voice... but I'd hardly call it "melodious"!
I guess that he stands to be immuned to the charms of sirens and mermaids then, eh? Well, good for him then! They won't have to tie him up to the mast to make sure that he survives the next film in the series of films that they hope to make out of the books in the next few years!
The only bad omen on the horizon (no, tis not the remake of the Omen at all) - it is the fact that he died on a beach in Romper Stompers! *lol* Oops - spoilers!

Ah yes - I would be remiss if I did not mention that this bit of old news -as you will be able to tell by the article preserved in the comments section here today- was saved as a draft LAST YEAR... I have little time to blog these days so I will scavenge all my old drafts first before posting all brand-new stuff! Besides, traditionally, summer is rerun season... Tomorrow though, it shall be an all-new Friday Night Video(s) - and you may get ready for it by clicking on the main link today: offers a nice assortment of music and it might well be one of these songs that I will select too! Have fun guessing which one...

Making music with Crowe 'excellent experience'
Last Updated Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:18:42 EDT
CBC Arts
ST. JOHN'S - Producing Russell Crowe's upcoming album has been an "excellent music experience" according to Great Big Sea singer Alan Doyle.

Doyle calls his meeting with the Oscar-winning actor "a great feat of luck." They met after a Great Big Sea concert in Toronto last summer, and it turned out Crowe was a long-time fan.

Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle
The two men have parlayed that connection into an unexpected friendship and collaboration on Crowe's forthcoming solo album, tentatively titled My Hand, My Heart.

The first single, Raewyn, will be released Tuesday on the online music service iTunes.

"It felt like a great feat of luck just to be in the circles of a guy who commands such media presence and such attention globally," Doyle said of the star of Gladiator and Master and Commander.

"If it had stayed at that, I would have been happy enough. But what became of it was a really, really excellent music experience," Doyle told CBC News.

The album is Crowe's first recording since the disbanding of his group 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, which has produced six albums.

RELATED STORY: Russell Crowe goes solo

While still in Toronto, where Crowe was filming the upcoming boxing drama Cinderella Man, Doyle and Crowe began writing and recording songs. They later continued in Australia at Crowe's home studio.

Doyle enlisted the other members of Great Big Sea – Bob Hallett and Sean McCann – to play bodhrans (an Irish drum) and whistles on one of the album's tracks. Other featured musicians include members of Midnight Oil, Silverchair and Crowe's former bandmates from 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

"It was an ace band," Doyle said.

He described Crowe as "one of the best lyricists I've ever met," and said that Raewyn deals with personal episodes in Crowe's life.

"His mom and dad [each] lost a sibling at a really young age. The song is kind of his confession that he never really acknowledged what a tragedy that was until his own son was born," Doyle said. "The song is really about the circle of life in a family."

Doyle, who lives in St. John's, hopes to collaborate with Crowe at least once more. "He really wants to [come to Newfoundland]," he said. "There's talks of playing live later in the year. I'll say more when I know for sure."
Proof positive that this is old news indeed:

Look at the other news making "headlines" back then...

Human Rights museum unveils winning design

B.B. King to get statue in his name (in Arkansas I do believe... not sure why there - is he a local?)

Bush says he supports regulating cable (this was just before he went for regulating and surveying all forms of communication too!)

Late pope's book hits sales record in Poland (last hurrah - R.I.P. Karol Wojtyla)

Chuck Berry plays tribute to Johnnie Johnson (how nice of Mr. Berry - Mr. Johnson cannot return the favor though; someone else must step up for it - soon!)

Parks, OutKast settle suit (that is impossible - these cats don't wear suits!)

Anna Porter steps down from Key Porter Books (no more prêt-à-porter eh)

Sandler's 'Wedding Singer' headed to Broadway (the heights of ridicule - right here)

Is video-game strike coming? (I was hoping for that...)

Globe and Mail takes prize for sponsorship coverage (prize - not pride)

Channel offers Canadians live cricket, African movies (and Canadians wondered why did Channel hate them so much? And I dared to hazard a guess; it is because Canadians, generally speaking, smell neither like roses nor like Channel products!)

FCC issues warning about fake news (hmm... how exactly can we tell the fake from the genuine here? By the mere... smell of it?!?)

'Star Wars' novel released weeks before movie (not-so shocking back then and a very moot point now, even for fans...)

Edmonton teacher wins Poetry Face-Off (and he did so with a straight face on the whole while through too, I'm sure...)

Ray Liotta heads to Calgary (his career must be really going down the tubes now... But he is a genuine Good Fella... I think!)

Financial woes return for Alberta Ballet (when had they ever left the Ballet?)

Urban thinker Jacobs wins political writing prize (it's nice to win... something... sometimes... eh?)
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