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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time for more baby pictures of the Luminous Kind!

Aww - don't dare say I am not stripping myself bare here - I am showing it all! All of my praise-worthy splendour - for thee to behold! I don't expect praise in return though; after all, I always thought that if I don't do it, no one else would laud me at all! But that is another story...!

Here you can see how much of an "Aqua Baby" I really was - complete with curly Albert E hair and all! Wish I had the I.Q. too though! Oh well - I am an intuitive and an "insightful linguist" according to experts in grey matter; that's good enough for me!
(And even if isn't - it will have to do now!)

Here we go back a little bit further back in time - to the root of the problem! To the heart of the matter too! As they say, the truth comes out of the children's mouths... Okay, this is cheating, admittedly, but it is the truth nonetheless! I sure am a carrier... Another truth to take note of at this time is that, as toddlers, we do not suffer from things. It is because ignorance is bliss - nothing more! Once we start becoming aware of things... we bawl our eyes out! Like the time we were thrown out of the bubble we were living in and thrust into the chaos that this world is! We were immediately aware (if only subconsciously) that something wasn't right with our surroundings anymore - and we were right! It's no coincidence that for the first nine months, we don't shed a tear - not a single one. That is, if no abortive procedures are initiated; research has shown that the foetus cries out in pain as an abortion is underway...

Well, enough for the trip back in time - hope it made you reflect about things past, present and future as much as it did ME!
Til the next bit of time travel...

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