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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th Of July - Viva Italia?!?

Hmm... how odd that Italians throughout the world are partying hardy (and even... hardier) than Americans on the day that the latter people celebrate their independence (and the eventual birth, hence, of their own empire...)
I am not the first to draw comparisons between the Roman Empire and the US of A, of course - but today, synchronicity sure did bring them together!
The World Cup schedulers didn't think much of "America's Day" maybe, by scheduling the first semi-final game on the fourth of July like that... It could have been a number of teams playing today, but it turned out to be two countries that changed the world - one by ruling it 2,000 years ago and the other by wanting to rule it oh-so-badly a mere... 70 years ago? Seventy years - a lifetime and yet, in the eyes of History as in the Grand Scheme of Things, not much at all... But I digress...
The descendants of Fascism and Nazism went at it today, on the day of Americanism.
Hmm... that sure does take the cake, doesn't it?
And speaking of cake...
The link today is all about desserts!
I mean, look at this!
And there is more where that came from!
Patriotic delights such as:
The Easy Flag Cake (gee - even the cake is being easy now?!?)
Strawberry & Blueberry Pavlova (hurray for multi-culturalism!)
Blueberry & Custard Filled Star Puffs (full of custard - not full of hot air!)
Red, White & Blueberry Cheesecake Pie (better than black & blue raspberry romps, I can tell ya!)
and the must-have on this day -
the supreme sugary treat for today -
the 4th of July Lemon Bar Flags!

Hmm... me, I'll be eating queijadas de nata during the OTHER World Cup semi-final game - which pits the execrable French against the equally patriotic Portuguese! :)

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"The World Cup schedulers didn't think much of "America's Day" maybe, by scheduling the first semi-final game on the fourth of July like that."

Actually, Many sporting events are planned on holidays... Thanksgiving Bowl days, Indy 500, New Years.
Hmm... all American examples that you give me there, Lee.

Make that "many are planned on week-ends" and I would agree more...

At least you didn't theorize that World Cup organizers were expecting to see Team USA be there in the 4th of July semis match-up!

But actually... all it is here is sardonic humor and the realization that the rest of the world does not care much for America's Day or the American Dream anymore... Such is my observation and so are the facts too! Decades ago, maybe, millions of Europeans sought to and dreamed of "coming to America"... Nowadays, they're perfectly content with remaining in the European Union! The American Dream has lost most of its appeal...

Don't forget also that FUTEBOL is the world's sport... that is, the whole world with the exception of the USA (and its patsy-country and continental cronie, Canada, sure...)
Ah, and just as next-to-no-one pays any attention to those typically-holiday sporting events (all those college bowls - unless your kid is playing, who gives a damn? Ah, and on New Year's, we'd all rather be at an event like this rather than with the family... I'd take neither, actually! But I digress...)

Hence, just as no one paid attention to what REALLY MATTERS - neither did I!


What REALLY matters, you ask?

What we eat, by Jove! ;)

I wrote queijadas de nata - so induced into error by the locals on the islands that constitute the Açores archipelago! The CONTINENTAL PORTUGUESE (the stuffy ones anyway) call these things bolos de natas...!!
(''Ayoye'' - as the lowlives from Québec would say! But THAT is another sordid story in and by itself too - and I shall spare you that - for now!)

I leave you with the recipe rather:

Bolo de Natas

Colaboração de Filomena Jeremias


* 2 pacotes de natas
* 3 chávenas (chá) de açúcar
* 2 chávenas de farinha
* 6 ovos
* 4 colheres (chá) de fermento


Batem-se as natas como açúcar, adicionam-se as gemas, a farinha misturada com o fermento e por fim as claras em castelo.
Vai ao forno em forma (sem buraco) untada e polvilhada com farinha.

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