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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dolores did always make me think of "DORES" = pains in portuguese!

Watching Bravo! - the Arts Station, eh... Another umpteenth brainchild of television mogul Moses Znaimer in the last fifteen years or so... A timespan during which he created as many television stations as you and I own pairs of white socks! Never mind the fact that each new TV station seems based upon the vaguest concept of a thematic approach to broadcasting... But I digress...

So, I was watching Bravo for one of the rarest of occasions and here comes the lead singer of the Cranberries - verily, one of those artists that you regularly wonder "whatever happened to her" whenever her one or two huge hits play on commercial radio again... Dolores O'Riordan. Quite the unforgettable name she had, I always thought - half latino and half Irish! What a tempestuous mix, potentially! She has the unforgettable voice to go along with the name too... But that is another story!

What I found truly astounding as that Dolores was saying such beautiful things in that interview. She was not trying to sell a new album. She wasn't even talking about music for the longest time there! She was talking about LIFE. Love and loss. Dreams and depression. She, too, has lost a dear one. And she could not cope with it, for a very long period of her life. No wonder she disappeared from the limelight for a while. As she said so eloquently, depression is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. Hers was intense and it was focalised upon the loss that she had to endure and to continue afterwards without the presence of the loved one that was no longer there... physically speaking that is. She could not see herself continue to exist, ironically enough, without the existence of that dear departed one. She finally found the strength to go on and pursue her journey on this earth. Her pilgrimage here has not ended, far from it, and hopefully she will return to the charts - very soon!

I am not sure how she found the strength - I missed a part of the interview! I did catch some glimpses of her spirituality though and agreed with her words then. She spoke of karma - of believing firmly that "what goes around, comes around". Undeniably, if you commit atrocities upon this earth, you will get yours soon enough. Even our flawed earthly justice cannot fail to deliver continuously! On the opposite end of this, if you do good around you, you should reap the rewards of that too. Although, on this earth, that is not a given either... Her karma talk started to sound very Christian-like when she said that she hoped that her karma would allow her to come back as an ANGEL - well, that sort of "reincarnation" I can believe in, for sure! She also made me burst in laughter when she said that her response to her husband's question "if there was a disaster at sea, who would you reach out for? Me or the children?" was unequivocal: she answered "well, the children, of course!!!"

Dolores' unique voice first came to international attention on the track titled... "Zombie". Not the most elegant of titles, but hey - it made for an original Halloween song (at the first listening anyway)! Sure sounded better than other artists' songs with similar titles...
The one I remember her and the Cranberries the most for is this one though:

You simply *MUST* remember having heard it... somewhere, somewhen! Maybe you didn't know who it was that sang it - now you do! "Dreams" is hardly a song that one would expect to have been penned by someone battling with depression... But, as Dolores herself stated it, we all deal with depression in our lives, at least once. And we sure do all dream too...

Just for the fun (or the heck?) of it, I will add "Zombie" here too... *LOL*
Hey - I'm a nostalgic! And, besides, the song fits with the Iraq situation today... And the topic of depression most certainly... From "Leathal Productions"...

Three more cute songs: "Stars" (what a great message), "Promises" (for a real Halloween feel - visually-speaking! I lament the ending of the video though...) and "Linger".

I would've have added the track "Ridiculous Thoughts" too - only I can only stand the first 53 seconds (exactly) of it; seconds during which Dolores makes wonderful use of her enchanting voice indeed. Alas, the rest of the song does not follow in that direction... Just like sometimes entire careers do not follow in the right direction that they began on... :(

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