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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Health Sssssssssssssecrets...!!!

First thing that crossed my mind: is this tied into the ill-fated, lamented, over-rated and ever elusive "Ssssssssssssssecret"... THE Ssssssssssssssecret, yes!? The one that I missed when I... blunk an eye!?
Second thing that crossed my mind was this: will high-priced physicians really take Hippocrates' Oath that much to heart and give their patients the means to AVOID THEM... and avoid paying exhorbitant prices for their medical expertise?
I guess so... No less than 450 doctors -some very famous, such as Deepak Chopra, and some ridiculously famous, such as Joyce Brothers- are a part of this "team" - heralded the "world's greatest medical team" as one would expect! This link will give you all the vital information you need - and all the reasons why you should get this book too! These books, I should say, for if you don't keep the big one, there's still the smaller one at no cost at all! Indeed, there is a free trial offer and, if we return the big one, we get to keep the second one - free! As free as shipping and handling FOR BOTH BOOKS can be, that is! One has the distinct impression that these good doctors inspired themselves of the LXG example/experiment and decided to form their own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... of Medecine! They made a special exception for the occasion too - they bridged the gap between mainstream medecine and alternative medecine, uniting everyone's efforts for the greater good of mankind - for every patient with health insurance, at any rate! Hurray for these valiant heroes! I stand mildly impressed indeed...
Questions that arose next in my luminous head included: just how "alternative" are the alternative medecine reps that we are talking about here? Were the 300 or so names omitted from the "visible list" of contributors those of witch-doctors, shamans, curandeiros, herbalists, curadors, healers, spiritists, channelers, druids, mages, houngans, bocurs and the like?!? The people has a right to and needs to know these things! Before they go ahead and order these things, that is...!
Also- why isn't the PREMIERE author of such books -in my humble estimation- Dr. Bernie Siegel, not on this "dream team" - but merely tacked on as a promotional tool for such a cure-all book? On the televised infomercial, in fact, which I caught near the end of its limited allotted time (and they make sure we know their air-time is short too, making mention of it numerous times all throughout the thing, as I found out the second time I caught it, in its entirety!) I found Dr. Siegel's words to be the most interesting of all to hear! He said, and I paraphrase again for such is my habit, "medical school taught me how to treat the illness. It did not teach me how to treat the patient"! WOW - finally the truth about that comes out in the open, from the mouth of a doc himself! You know, I suspected that for the longest time now... Got my suspicions confirmed in-between March 22nd and March 28th of this year too...
Now, I am not saying these two books are scams - at all. Don't let my sardonic tone fool you, folks! I am convinced there are good doctors out there who will give you helpful tips now and then on how to improve your health and well-being FREE OF CHARGE! The do-it-yourself concept is a proven formula and besides, docs and quacks alike will never suffer from lack of a customer-base, for disease is running rampant as ever and it will simply never stop being that way until... Kingdom Come! However, what brought me to even WRITE about this at all was the second time I caught the infomercial... The claim, made in the opening minutes of the thing, that this big red book contains methods, techniques or whatever it is that helped a man not only save his father's life but nullify the effects of a STROKE that his dad had just suffered... IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? AND NOW I HEAR ABOUT IT - AFTER ALL I WENT THROUGH? IT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE TO SEE MY FATHER TREMBLE IN MY ARMS FROM THE AFTER-EFFECTS OR AFTERSHOCK OF A STROKE - THE STROKE THAT HE HAD JUST SUFFERED AND THAT WOULD BE HIS DEATH. I FELT TOTALLY POWERLESS TO DO A THING - AND THE MEDICAL STAFF TOLD ME THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO. THEY THEMSELVES COULD NOT DO A THING. AND NOW THIS BOOK COMES ALONG - THIS INFOMERCIAL COMES TO MY ATTENTION - NOW OF ALL TIMES - MONTHS TOO LATE - AND IT MAKES SUCH CLAIMS?!?
It must be for mild - VERY mild strokes - that these "techniques" work in minimizing the effects of the stroke so stupendously well...
I would be remiss if I did not mention that, while I typed up these lines, yet another "ssssecret" was offered to me, via e-mail this time... This link was sent to me with more of the same promises (although with a different aim this time) - however, since I have enough material for "inbox indiscretions" as it is, I thought I'd throw this one in here instead...! It is a video presentation and I say "watch it at your own risk" - and only if you have half-an-hour to kill too! The narration brought to mind a name from the not-so memorable past for me, right off the bat - "Ed Wood"!
As for the bulk of these "health secrets" here - they can only prolong the path to the inevitable... But do nothing more for you. Nothing more and, hopefully, nothing less. If anyone of you gives the book a try, will you only let me know...? ;)

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