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Friday, July 28, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos Time - Again?!?

This time, it really came too fast! I couldn't have enough of that "Glo-OH-oh-orious-Town-Glo-oh-rious-Town" by Captain! Oh well... Time to move on, I guess!

Some TLB Prime readers have mentioned to me that there are too many videos at times on this luminous blog o'mine - too many accoutrements! That the written word - MY WRITING - should be IT. Hmm... it is the main event, surely, but I like to give you "more bang for your buck", folks! We all know that internet access is not free... Others have mentioned that it gets too "new agey" at times too...?!? The only way to reply to that probably is with a "mea culpa" - by Enigma! ;)

And just for pure fun, the TLB Prime premiere of... TNT For The Brain too!

But, even though the temptation is great to add some more Enigma tracks (double click the previous two and make your own selection for videos - I suggest "Return To Innocence" - for it is key to gain entry into the Kingdom!) I shall heed my faithful and show TEMPERANCE (another key, surely!)

*The* video for this edition is LORD GIVE ME A SIGN by DMX - the previous two are only there if this one is not playing at all! (And they're there as a joke too, yea...) LORD KNOWS we all need a Sign from Him - and it is oh-so refreshing to behold a rapper with genuine Faith! Enjoy, all!

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