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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So, what is the purpose of our existence? To even begin to grasp that we have to realize that our very mere existence is nothing less than a miracle in itself! Odds were not in our favor when we were conceived - for us to come out at the other end of that process the way we are is in nothing short of miraculous indeed. Granted, some individuals out there we would have been better off without - however, without evil around, how would we know that we are any good? (Okay, that was borderline Seinfeld logic there - and nothing, I repeat, nothing is as simple as Seinfeld makes it out to be... And no Superman will ever show up when terrorists do, but that is another dreadful -and cantankerous too- story indeed...)

That we came out being fully-functional human beings is only one aspect of the miracle that we are though... We can see, we can talk, we can walk, we can hear, we can breathe by ourselves, we can think, we can reason, we can build numerous things with these hands that God Has Given us... All of that and more are miraculous traits and Divine Gifts - hence, all of that is NOTHING... without God. All of that can be taken away from us - and not only by God either. The Adversary and Death have power over us, for now. God Allows it. For now. The Divine Essence Within Us - God's Presence Within Us - now That Is His and Is therefore out of reach from the natural enemies that God's Creation has... Enemies for a time, not forever nor for much longer really - only for now. It will not always be like this - just ask the Drogo fan in my luminous guestbook; he knows more than he lets on! ;) But that is another story too...

Thus, the purpose of existence - with all these factors connecting now and becoming a clearer Tapestry of Truth - should be a little more evident to us all at this point... We exist because God Willed us into existence. We exist because of Him and for Him. We exist to witness of that. We exist to use those Gifts that He Has Given us to do just that - reach out and speak of Him to others not "in" on the evidence! And there are a LOT of those... We exist, hence, to be the Light of the world! We exist to reflect His Light - for we come from it. Those of us who have not hurt our fellow man that is. Those of us who have not been envious of our neighbor in an excessive way (cause, sure, it is only normal to NOTICE that the grass is greener... What is NOT normal, is to go out of our way to destroy the neighbor's lawn! It does not make yours any greener - in fact, it will make it look MUCH WORSE in the only pair of eyes that truly matters; YOUR LORD GOD'S!)

We do not exist to empower ourselves and to achieve splendours in OUR NAMES... For we are ephemeral at best. Nothing that we accomplish will remain for long. The only part of us that is eternal is so because it is of Him - our souls. Don't believe? Die and you'll see then! There is far greater than what we have here on Earth... And we exist to testify of His Greatness - for He made us the way we are and we are better than any man-made construct! Our only true worth -for it is the only aspect of us that will not decay- is our SOUL; that which is 100% of the Creator! The Creator Is Unequalled - and we are His Creation and His Miracle... born, made, shaped and willed into existence out of LOVE. Nothing made in China, in the good ol' U.S. of A. or in Taiwan can come remotely CLOSE. We are talking about production values of the DIVINE. And He Made Us Out of LOVE - not for profit.

The Miracle of Life Is The Greatest Miracle of All.
And Life Is much more than mere earthly existence too...
God's Love And Will for us Have no match and know no bounds.
God's Plan for us is to have us by His Side Forevermore.
Freed of mortal coils... freed of pain... freed from death.
God Has for us the Greatest of Loves.
We were willed into existence for no other purpose than to reflect that Love.
Let us do just that now -
and quit acting the opposite way... hmm?

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