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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

N*E*R*D ending... or is it N~E~R~V~E ending... eh?!? *lol*

One has to appreciate well-meaning but deeply confused Gen-Xers... Case in point: N*E*R*D, which is a rap group, for the no-cognoscenti... Or, at least, it used to be one... Frontman Pharrell Williams said, a while back: "N*E*R*D is dead. I don't agree with management at Virgin Records so we're done." (To be precise, he said that in May of last year!)

The band's philosophy was what this luminous blogger here appreciated the most though - it goes without saying (or typing as it is) I believe, but I am not one to take any chances anymore...! N*E*R*D stands for No-One-Ever-Really-Dies - and that is 100% TRUE indeed. The soul lives on - memories also live on, on this side of things - but the most important thing is that everyone who passes on "to the other side" continues on... Energy never dissipates completely - it merely migrates.

So, No One Ever Really Dies - absolutely. However, the band, in its obsession with teenage angst, comes to the self-contradictory conclusion that one must Fly or Die...?!? In greater philosophical detail, they express it all as follows: (...) Which is where N.E.R.D lies – in the time-warp, where boundaries and borders and linearity succumb to the openness of truth. Because in life, there are two paths to choose from but only one direction to go in – and you can either Fly or Die. How very typical of today's youth, to aspire to the greatest truths but to err somewhere on the way there and wind up in a tailspin - effectively going nowhere in the end! They score an "A" for effort and noble intentions but can only manage a "C-" ultimately nonetheless...

For, minimal application of pure logic would have done wonders for these three guys (the three wisemen they are NOT) - if no one ever really dies, and if you grasp what that statement TRULY MEANS, then you will see that it is when dying that one can truly FLY... Thus wiping out any silly rhyme such as "fly or die" from their respective and collective résumés and lexicon - both...

N*E*R*D end
(BANG) - Rap group N*E*R*D have split after a series of furious bust-ups with their record company.

Frontman Pharrell Williams has revealed he and fellow bandmates Chad Hugo and Shay have decided to call it a day after repeatedly clashing with bosses at Virgin Records.

He said: "N*E*R*D is dead. I don't agree with management at Virgin Records so we're done."

However, Williams has promised fans the split does not mean his phenomenally successful producing partnership, The Neptunes, with Hugo is about to come to an end as well.

The duo have created a string of hits for some of the biggest names in pop and hip-hop - including Britney Spears, on her hit single 'I'm a Slave 4 U', and Snoop Dogg on recent track 'Drop It Like It's Hot'.

The handsome star insists he has no intention whatsoever of breaking up the partnership, explaining: "Me and Chad still what we do in the studio and Shay is still our best friend."

Williams also hinted N*E*R*D, which stands for No-One Ever Really Dies, may continue to record new material to leak on the internet for their loyal fans.

He added: "Perhaps we'll do some for our fans and leak it on to the internet, who knows?"
The N~E~R~V~E of these three guys - they don't know "the truth"; they can't handle the truth!

*LOL* - ok, that was a Jack Nicholson line there; but you get my drift, I'm sure...!

Most of today's youth can only stumble across tidbits of truth per chance, from time to time... And that is not much more than dumb luck or, as the Portuguese say, "mais sorte de que juizo"!

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