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Monday, July 10, 2006

One Single A-hole of an Atheist Can Do This - Wait Til You See What A Single Believer Can Do Too!

Now, before any smarta$$ answer comes out of the rear-end of an another atheist here, I will retort that the likes of Dubya and any scandalous cult leader that you may care to name are *NOT* "believers" - they are power freaks! If they believe in anything and Anyone, it is in themselves, not in God! Case closed.

A true believer is someone like ME - who admits to being only a reflection of His Light - God's Wisdom! It Is His Wisdom, not mine! Once more, I rest my case.

Now, the atheist that is burning my... ah, beads? It is this guy in San Diego who, for 17 long years, had nothing better to do than pursue a hopeless and senseless litigation case against the city objecting to the presence of the 43-foot-high cross that sits atop Mount Soledad...! That is not the worse part though; the worse part is that a federal judge -probably out of exasperation with the neverending case- finally found that, in his warped estimation and view of the "law", the cross did violate the constitutional separation of church and state, and so the old coot ordered it removed! It has been stopped again, luckily, thanks to the ever-reliable resort to that legal passe-partout called "the appeal" (and several of them were placed, both on the federal level as in state court) but still I am appalled by the whole stinking affair. The mere fact that the cross offends the esthetic sense of an atheist started all of this. And now, after seventeen long years, he finally figures out a way to justify his wishes by pinning it as anti-constitutional... SEVENTEEN YEARS he could have spent trying to solve the atheist's Riddle instead (as if he stands a chance). SEVENTEEN YEARS! WOW - that boggles the mind. All the money and time squandered on this "case" - and the conclusion seems to be that being anti-Christ is preferable to being anti-constitutional!!

You can shove your constitution where the sun does not and NEVER WILL shine - atheistic bozo! And your favorite judge can do likewise - heck, shove the book that you usually throw at INNOCENTS in there too, while you're at it! Say - when both of you CROAK, no crosses for you, eh? No tombstones either... there are no atheistic cemeteries that I know of (last I checked, there are Jewish cemeteries; Protestant cemeteries; Catholic cemeteries, etc... But I've never heard of atheistic cemeteries!)
Hence, I will suggest, to your liquidator, just digging a little hole at the foot of Mount Soledad (which seems to originate from the word "soledão" which means loneliness - so you will be lonely there; so what? That's the price to pay for being so original...!) and stashing your ashes there... Letting the doggie-doggie cover it up for you, do a little poo-poo on top (in lieu of a tombstone...) and so on...

If that doesn't work for you, San Diego Atheist, then make your funeral arrangements so that your earthly remains are thrown in the trash - WHERE THEY LIKELY BELONG! You believe in nothing and found no WORTHY CAUSE to defend in SEVENTEEN LONG YEARS... You made not this world a better place AT ALL! I categorize you thus as "type-2 scum" (type-1 is worse - FAR worse... believe me on that! I saw them in action...) and so I feel confident that you belong in the trash bin.
Bon Voyage now!

San Diego cross removal delayed
SAN DIEGO, July 8 (UPI) --

The U.S. Supreme Court Friday delayed the removal of a cross on San Diego public land until legal appeals in the state and federal courts are resolved.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, acting on an emergency request filed by the city, also hinted that the high court might hear the case when the appeals are completed, the Los Angeles Times said.

He added that the Supreme Court might be influenced by the fact that Congress has passed legislation permitting the cross to be designated a national war memorial.

The city had been facing an Aug. 2 deadline to remove the 43-foot-high cross atop Mount Soledad or pay $5,000 a day in fines, the Times said.

After 17 years of litigation between the city and an atheist who objects to the cross, a federal judge in May found the cross violated the constitutional separation of church and state, and ordered it removed.

San Diego voters have twice voted to keep the cross, but the courts have struck down a sale of the public property beneath it as rigged in favor of groups promising to retain the cross, the newspaper said. An appeal on that issue is pending.
© UPI, Headline News Powered by
I suppose that the atheistic a$$hole also objects to his baseball team having a bonafide Padre (in looks only, let me assure you of so much!) as their mascot!

Sheesh - now this atheistic guy really has too much free time...

As in to overanalyze dogma (and miss out on the rest...) and cultivate his intrinsic ignorance as well...

Oh - and make a nuisance out of himself too!
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Thomas S.
Monday July 10, 2006, 4:33 pm

isn't it true that an atheist does not believe in a God? or an agnostic does not believe in God?
Well lets use some logic here. In order to deny something you have to beleive it was there in the first place.
Example I don't beleive in lamps, sure things that give light right!!!
well this would be true if i have never seen a lamp
But since I have seen a lamp and know what it is I can therefore deny its existance.
just remember what is truth is one country is a lie in another.
example if i went to the savannah of africa and told people about lamps, they would think i was lying, because they have never seen a lamp. But these people could not say, I doubt there is such a thing as a lamp.
Because you and me know there are lamps, but to the people in Africa there are not.
So let the athiest deny there is a god, but deep down my brother, you beleive he is there so you fight hard to deny the fact.
Maybe the higher power bless one and all

Michelle Parsneau
Monday July 10, 2006, 5:01 pm

Is calling an atheist an A-hole a reflection of the love of Jesus?
delete this comment

Michelle Parsneau
Monday July 10, 2006, 5:03 pm

And how would you feel if instead of a cross, it was a Buddha, a star of David or a crescent?

Luciano P.
Monday July 10, 2006, 9:57 pm

Ahh - a 25,000$ question!
Call it the old slogan-making machine reflex kicking in, blame it on THAT when I sought an adjective that went well with atheist and thought "anachronistic" wasn't virulent enough...

Jesus Loves the atheist - I am certain of that. But since it is not reciprocal and since I am not Jesus, I feel free to call a spade a spade... You see, I am selective of when and with whom I am to Reflect His Light...

Whenever I am told to turn the other cheek and not show anger, I am compelled to remind people that even Jesus-Christ had his one memorable moment of anger and tantrum-throwing... Remember, in the Temple?

The atheists of the world are free to deny His Existence all they want - but they must not step on other people's toes in doing so. They must not waste other people's time and money in their baseless and hopeless crusade either. Most important of all, they must not become an impediment to another's spiritual progress, not even by being a mere "bad example"...

If I saw a crescent and moon or a star of David or a Buddha on top of a mountain - and even if I felt about it as this atheist feels about the cross on mount Soledad - I would not react so absurdly as he did. And for so long too.

The Don Quixote of Atheism is in San Diego.
I wonder who is his Sancho Panza?
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