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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday is as good a day as any for tying up loose ends...

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy... as Jack Tripper used to say on Three's Company! How could I forget Ricky Bobby, his less than apparent heir apparent, but since there's no one else - he'll do! I forgot to list "The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" as one of the movies Al Gore has to beat this summer on yesterday's post. (It should be an interesting fight since, as surmised in the film, "Ricky Bobby is not a thinker; Ricky Bobby is a driver." Okaaay... And since Al views himself as a thinker, we shall see who is mightier at long last! The pen or the sword - or, in this case, the crown of laurels of the steering wheel? My money's on Al anyhow! But I digress...) SNL alumni, living or deceased, will never forgive this! I accept being haunted by Gilda asap - only I want nothing to do with Chevy! ;)

I would be remiss also if I did not mention the British Open top two guys: Tiger Woods won despite the passing of his father very recently. And Chris Di Marco came in second despite the passing of his mother a mere three weeks ago. I sympathize with these guys; I would have before too but now, since March 22nd really, I truly know how that feels... As is often the case with perceptive me, the fine observer that I am couldn't help but to see added significance in the terms summarizing the scene on the golf course: Woods wasn't the only one dealing with a loss. DiMarco finished two strokes back and struggled to hold back the tears as he remembered his mother, Norma, who died suddenly from a heart attack while vacationing on the Fourth of July. My God, tis synchronicity again that the two sports figures I am sympathizing with were separated by two strokes.

Maybe it is for me, as for Tiger and Chris (and they sure as heck are in a better position to do so) to apply the lesson from this quote that popped up to capture my attention at the same time too (yet more synchronicity, I tell you...) - "Knowing sorrow well, I learn to succor the distressed." -- Virgil

On the same subject of departures/passings/crossing over, I cannot help but to feel for that skydiver professional - and a lady too - whose main parachute malfunctioned. And then the back-up malfunctioned as well. And she fell to her death. That happened last Sunday. Veteran thespian Jack Warden passed away on Friday I believe - he was 86 years-old. Luckier to have lived longer - and luckier in a similar accident as he was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division but, shortly before D-Day, he had broken his leg during a nighttime practice jump in Britain. More on those two passings, of course, as per usual, on The Lugubrious Blog.

Once I start, I can't stop sometimes... But I have to mention this here too! I recently found it extremely odd to unearth a listing among online obituaries of a namesake to my father. That would be enough in itself, but there's more; much more. This namesake was born a year earlier - but also passed away a year earlier (hence he crossed over at the same age) AND he had been born on the same island as my father! We all have namesakes and lookalikes - for example, I recently caught an Ali G interview with George Washington - the vetenarian! But you have to admit that THAT was special and pretty much unique; two men with the same name basically, born a year apart on the same land and destined to pass away at the same age, both on foreign soil... Any more parallel these two lives couldn't have likely been...

Aye - I guess this post was all about synchronicity after all!

Our ol' pal Paul commented - as per usual, via e-mail - that, by his account, I forgot something...

"You forgot the Bing-Bang-ZOOM-To The Moon team AKA those Fantastic Four Rip-Offs led by the guy from Home Improvement... whatsisname again"

The toolman - Tim Allen?

I hate most Tims I know.

ZOOM may be an umpteenth Disney rip-off (as their Incredibles ripped off several super-hero teams, all the while expropriating the name 'Elasti-Girl' from DC's Doom Patrol...) but it is not out in theaters YET.

Al Gore vs Tim Allen would suck eggs anyhow...
Hmm... any more movies coming out soon that I might have RIGHTFULLY omitted from this list... hmm?!?

Al Gore has his hands full - and not just with the climatic changes

Just let me know what else is coming out in theaters - cause I'm boycotting Tinseltown crappy products, see...!
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