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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Down With Ernesto - In, Up, Up And Away With John

I find it supremely ironic that we've seen in recent hours Ernesto be downgraded to mere "tropical depression" while a truly powerful hurricane rose up, to bear the name of... John!

My uncle, whose name ends in "-to", passed away first, some years ago. He was roaring like a lion all throughout his life, but went out with a whimper indeed. He was a good man with a genuine caring heart - only he often went about it all wrong in showing that. He is remembered for his outbursts more than he is for the good that he did because of this. If that wasn't mirrored in the hurricane turning into tropical depression, nothing can mirror it...

My father was, to my chagrin and amazement, the next one to go from that generation. His temperament was calm on the surface and boiling below! Nothing can better equal that on the scale of mother nature than a storm becoming a huge hurricane force - "Dangerous John" they have already called it, over at the N.H.C. (National Hurricane Center - really International if you ask me, since Canada and even Mexico depend and heavily rely on it and neither, to my knowledge, have officially been swallowed up by the USA yet - you'd have close to 75 states by now, if not more, if such had been the case...! But I digress...)

Here's an ethereal thought: what if my father and everyone named "John" for that matter, was behind the strong winds of this hurricane that is their namesake? Winds that have very good chances of attaining SUSTAINED (1-MINUTE AVERAGE) WIND SPEEDS OF AT LEAST
...34 KT (39 MPH... 63 KPH)...
...50 KT (58 MPH... 93 KPH)...
...64 KT (74 MPH...119 KPH)...
If we've heard of "ghosts in the machine" - it makes more sense to me to think of "ghosts in the wind" or in the sea, or in the stars, or in the forest, and so on...!
That's what I'd do if I was a ghost too! And I'd gear that hurricane/tropical cyclone/typhoon/whatever I'd be caught in towards my old stomping grounds... Settle a few scores with the living and undeserving! ;)

Watch out, some day, for Hurricane Luciano - it will be one for the ages!


The simalarities between your uncle and father / storm Ernesto and Hurricane John.

I like your thoughts about the "ghosts in the wind".

I agree that Hurricane Luciano would be something the world would never forget!

God Bless You (\ô/)
Hurricane Luciano...

I am not sure I want to see a Typhoon or a Hurricane named after me... Anything but a "tropical depression"!!!

With my luck, that is what I will get though... Most probably!

I am not better than Mr. Sevilo, Mr. Cardenal, Mr Zedilo, Mr. Miranda, Mr. Maserati and... Ernesto Che Guevara!

Oops... I forgot another famous gent named Ernesto... Mr. Hoost!

And the most famous of them all should be cited with his full name... Ernesto (Che) Guevara de la Serna (1928-1967)

All these Ernestos (not to mention all the other ones) had the supremely depressing dishonor to see their name be affixed to a hurricane-downgraded-to-tropical-depression-level...

I can expect the same - me, Lucky and Pavarotti, to name but three!

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