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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ever had one of these in your inbox...?

Mere shadows or shades of statistics sundays this Sunday... Sorry, folks!
Gibberish has taken on a whole new stupendous dimension since the advent of e-mail and cyber technology... The following is one of the funniest bits that examplify that to the hilt that I have ever received. Being a word-lover, I liked it, for it seems, at first glance, like someone with a higher vocabulary sent me this - and "this" appears to be a short list taken straight out of a *good* dictionary or thesaurus - a word list that is only missing the full treatment of being fully spelled out in parts and syllabified...!
Upon closer scrutiny though, of course, this "word list" makes less and less sense as we go down the length of it - several of them are not even words per say and a few are even comically "super-heroic" - in a dime-a-dozen dime story way (they used to go for a dime, lo, long ago... They may be priced much higher nowadays, but a dime is still their worth, most times out... But I digress!)
I mean... "husbandman"?!? And the juxtaposition to the word "celluloid" seems to imply that a movie will be made about this one too... Betcha that it will be better than Bats' humble beginnings, Soupesy's boring return and the Ecch-Men's pathetic last stand too! Especially if the wondrous "wifewoman" tags along for the ride... But that is another story...

Okay - enough! I think I've proven my point already - which is a two-fold point too! Or is that really a double-edged sword of a point...? Anyway! Point is - whoever you are, your inbox will have gibberishy spam like this in it, at some point... And - I can write at length about any subject - even this and even in the actual absence of a subject per say! *LOL*

Below, finally, here is the famous culprit e-mail... with comments in bold! ;)

This one is really amazing pherma - You got more then (then... than... potaytoe... potahtoe)
200 mads to choose from. Additionally, you get rock-bottom
deeals, because we are here for you! (You are?)

Come on now!
http://.com (Good luck reaching that site!)

Roll Call Time (?!?)
gibberish trammel rutherford metabolic smelt acrobatic eke background. clergyman
novosibirsk inventive patristic pearlstone. rotten tragedy bugeyed accession
pioneer mathematik sidemen benedict ginn. vaporous cretinous horsewoman diocese
phonemic cupid.
nestor coherent toward railhead punctual gloria songful caucus gaslight flounce.
steeplechase craw allan playtime novosibirsk checkpoint scour. cotton
latitudinary academic pragmatist diocese markovian litigate backwood.
sword anita accession pancreatic comatose sweet dalzell jangle. testicular
diocese nirvana caliper cow auk. gardner circus alison melody aniline
eigenfunction necromancy fructose. nitrate centrex accession aggressive jacques.
burn bourgeois redactor accession abhorrent grim devious cloudy.
marty laughlin menu celibacy punctual mr seton aboard. annal guarantee fragile
melody dietician casebook deity.
adenine assai vicinal deoxyribonucleic novosibirsk elsie bourgeois samba nabla
poliomyelitis. vermiculite coherent pacifist michael melody straightaway
ecumenic momenta conductor.
albumin barbados accession expellable sag. pare birthplace audacity melody
impend goatherd earl mailbox prodigal. telegraph adriatic mercuric punctual
grenade condemnatory. chug bold critique maw
punctual celluloid husbandman mortise slat.
(Yup - that covers just about it all right there - eh?)

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