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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have A Lavish Lughnasadh / August Eve / Lammas Eve / Lady Day Eve / Feast of Bread...

Isn't it something that, a mere 24 hours after I lambaste agnostics again, a proliferation of pagan feasts, a procession of them, a veritable flurry of those comes our way...! Three "eves", one celebration of starch (nutritious!) and a "lugh" - all on the same day! Wow... What would Saints Pistis, Elpis, and Agape (Faith, Hope, and Charity), St. Peter Julian Eymard, St. Ethelwold of Winchester, St. Almedha (aka Aled), St. Alphonse Liguori, and the Holy Macabees think of this - since they are all celebrated on this day as well...!?
There is enough there to keep everyone happy today, I think...
Many paths... ONE GOD.
But surely one path is safer than others are... hmm? ;)
Food for thought right there...!

On another front, a triumverate of nations have something in common on this calendar date as well; Switzerland's National Day (the founding of the Swiss Confederation was officially constituated on an August 1st, waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1291) and then there is Benin's Independence Day also to celebrate - plus, along the same lines, it is a remembrance of the fateful Emancipation Day for Trinidad and Tobago today!
Wow - Emancipation Day... Otherwise known, in most cases, as Day One of sin, more sin and letting yourself go...!!!
Worthy of lavish celebrations INDEED. Right.

Of real significance to me is the fact that today is the 213th day of the year 2006 - so far, a VERY lousy year... And today, back in the lousy year of 1914, WORLD WAR I broke out! "The Great War" it was known as - no likeness of it had ever been seen before it; but it would be topped within 25 years... The next one will be a doozy too...

2006 has been one HELL of a year so far - I lost, so far, "my bestest friend in the whole wide world"... A whole lot of cash... Now I learn that cable will yank away from me my lone guilty pleasure (televised wrestling)... I lost what I call "my fiscal innocence" (...) - and NO - this is no admission of tax cheating! Just my luminous way to hint that, starting with NEXT income tax season, the tax man will REALLY tear into me now! Lost more, but that would be telling...
It is a miracle I haven't lost the will to live...!
Thank God for small and medium-size miracles - INDEED.

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