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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Luminous Spotlight On...

Has been a wee while since I've done this, methinks! Spotlighting one of the best little posts published on any one of my other blogs, that are a vital and integral part of the TLB Prime network - a.k.a. the luminous network! Today I thought this would be the ideal solution - as also healthy alternative to another "inbox indiscretion" there...! We move our attention hence towards the ludicrous blog (!) where the title might surely mislead you - as I had planned it to! That particular and most entertaining of my creations (no coincidence it is the third most updated) focuses on the rampant craziness in this world we live in - and there sure is no shortage of that, you will agree! It has a different approach and feel (as well as look, evidently, because of its different template!) than the "lunacy blog" for instance! Note though that the ludicrous blog is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox, while the Luminous Blog remains at its very best when viewed with Internet Explorer...! Despite all of these minor technical hassles, I hope that you will enjoy this installment of the "Luminous Spotlight"... And not think that it's too much of a redundant good thing! *lol*

When you can't even properly spell out a common name, you know there's something wrong in your gene pool...
So, naturally (or unnaturally, as it is, really) you will want to fix things... Artificially. Hey - there's "art" in artificial! Sure...
What could go better together though than vain people and plastic surgery? The two go hand in hand as... a horse and carriage... love and marriage... and divorce and re-marriage! *LOL* Deano must be tossing and turning in his grave - then again, maybe he's not... But I digress...

From that awful "catwoman" (the real life one - who had so much plastic surgery work done over the years, all in the hopes of LOOKING LIKE A FELINE!) to these Gennifer Flowers (Jee... I can't spell either when I look at pictures of her... BEFORE... and especially AFTER! YIKES!!!) the deal seems that it is estimated to be "better" and preferable to look like a PLASTIC FREAK than to look old, aging gracefully by the Grace of God and simply showing the passing of time and hopefully the evidence of acquired wisdom with the years... Alas, the truth is that these vain people have not acquired any wisdom at all with the years - only more foolishness! As in that foolish idea that "a little nip and tuck here and there" every decade or so will win the battle against NATURE... Why not hope against hope that your very evidently queer plastic surgeon and esthetician will make you immortal while they're at it? We know already that the breast implants will remain when everything else turns to dust - why not plastify the rest now, eh? So that the future generations can see for themselves how freakish you looked in your older days, trying to beat back the aging process... A process that is all-natural and in the proper order of Things too.

It is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen! And I was unfortunate enough to see a lot of pathetic things over the years... I was also unfortunate enough to catch the E.T. report on Genni's latest "tiny bit of nip and tuck" - and it was downright traumatizing! YEOWTCH! She was horribly puffed up after that bit of "routine surgery" as it was said to be for her so obviously gay doctor - I thought it might be her alleged acting talent that she was about to put on display for E.T. viewers there, and this was really not surgery but some Star Trek make-up session or, at best, prepping up for a horror film!
For those of you still scratching their heads and going "who in blue blazes is Gennifer Flowers again?" - she used to be the most elegant and best-looking of the infamous "Bill Clinton women" - but now... Sheesh! Bill would run the other way screaming! Or... he would not! But that is not important right now... Genni seems to think that Billy boy is not good enough for her anymore either - she candidly stated that "he's aged. He needs a little job done on the neck... the nose... the eyes..."
Sheesh - the Body Snatchers have landed and want to transform every single one of us into their weird kind - the plastic outlandishness prone kind! Run - run while you can! You're next! You're next!!!

The highest reaches of the absurd are reached when Genni here announces that she is going under the knife again because she wants to be confident when she goes out there to "find (her) soul mate"! Even worse, she wants to help others (superficial people like her, I'm sure) find their own soulmates by creating her very own website for dating and more... Will she match patients and plastic surgeons too? Time will tell... but wait, TIME is an enemy! There's always more nipping and tucking to do - so that all will have the typical fairy tale ending - right? Only this one will come in a plastic wrapping.
Life isn't a movie though - that simple truth seems to be eluding Genni's grasp as she continues to chase the dream to "look young"... forevermore? Dream on, girl! She was moving, I must admit (or was it her acting talent finally showing through?) when she stated, upon entering the limo for her ride to the umpteenth "nip and tuck session" of her life, that she feared only to go to sleep on the operating table - and not to wake. Why, pray tell? Death will solutionize your problem with aging, darling! And one less superficial person on the planet will hardly be noticeable at all - there are zillions like you now! Maybe it is just me - but I see no point in fearing the reaper. Hasn't anybody learned the lesson taught so succinctly by the Blue Oyster Club yet?!? (No, wise guy; not the song about Gojira!)

Oh - as for the New York catwoman (aka socialite Jocelyne Wildenstein - she bears her name well) she will settle for Sylvester, Garfield or even Heathcliff, but only if they have extensive surgery done first...

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