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Monday, August 07, 2006

Saints & Angels: The TLB Prime Series

The question has been asked before - where do you find all of these angels to talk about, here on TLB Prime or anywhere really! Well, aside from the Primary Source, of course, THE GOOD BOOK Itself - this book is another important source of names and facts about heavenly attendants and their fallen counterparts too! For it is important to admit it (and I know several of you do not want to) - but there were several angels who did fall from Grace and their ranks have been steadily bolstered since the dawn of mankind, with each and every human soul that embraced evil and turned exactly like them (only, in all likelihood, less powerful because they will derive both their wickedness as, most importantly, the power from the first few fallen angels - hence, the human souls that become devils or demons now are second-rate and not as powerful. In fact, that is the dichotomy that I always make; "devils" are the humans who joined the evil side - the losing side. While genuine "demons" are the fallen angels who once were by God's Side - who were once bonafide heavenly creatures. Quite a shame to ruin that condition out of sheer vanity. But that is another story...)

This book is the complete compendium, extracting from EVERY POSSIBLE SOURCE the names of angels known to man! That means names that are known to Jews, Gentiles, Muslims and Mystics alike! Most people only know THREE: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, maybe! (No - Clarence is not one, but I believe that he still is found in the book, because the lists also include illustrious fictional angels, created for a variety of "charming tales that mean to enlighten through entertainment" - and so It's A Wonderful Life certainly qualifies as THAT... Some of the angelic names listed here are truly are to pin down for even the trained eye - after all, one can imagine, who really can tell what an angel's name is? Sometimes, we meet angels and are not aware of it! Most times, they are invisible and imperceptible to our senses! None of them ever left their calling card - not in a non-figurative sense anyway! One angel comes to mind to exemplify what I'm thinking of here: AQUA! There is, reputedly, an angel named AQUA that used to be invoked in Solomonic rites (Kabbalah stuff? Ah - those Judaic priests! They knew Aqua but knew not their Messiah when He Came... sheesh!) and these rites are full-fledged exorcisms! Indeed, judging by the movies we all saw, exorcisms can be pretty rough stuff and one will need all the help one can get! If we know an angel BY NAME - we might as well give him a buzz and hope he answers the call! My question though is: is this another fictional angel? King Solomon knew of this? After all, the rite's named after him! So, he should know! To the best of my knowledge though, he was too busy frolicking with the Queen of Sheba to take note of angels' names or participate in any exorcisms - maybe even too busy to authorize them! Nonetheless, an angel named AQUA is all the explanation I need to justify my having had, for as long as I remember, the sea-faring hero AQUAMAN as my favorite childhood hero! It wasn't just the orange shirt he wore! (Orange being my favorite color as a kid!) Good!

Know thy enemy - that is always good too. However, I always felt uncomfortable checking out the lists of names of fallen angels provided in this book too. Everyone knows up to three of them as well - because the Bible mentions them. A fourth one - Mephistopheles - is well-known because of the tale of Faust. From Judaism comes a famous she-devil, Lilith, who would actually still be quite obscure if not for Sarah McLachlan and her "Fair" that seemed to be dedicated to her memory if not merely her example... But enough of the fallen fools; this is, after all, "SAINTS and ANGELS" on THE LUMINOUS BLOG! I'll leave "sinners and demons" up to the darkness blog - whoever does that crap! WHoever it is, have a nice trip down to Gehenna! *lol* Still, I do believe it not to be a disservice at all to gather up all the names one can find - and back stories too. Gustav Davidson did a huge job to that effect - he wanted his book to be the definite one on this subject; and it sure is. Illustrated extensively too with all manners of depictions of both angels and fallen angels throughout the history of mankind, this book gives us the entire scope. From all points of views too, being multi-ethnic and "inter-religious" too. One could not have been one without being the other anyway! Davidson has passed away years ago - and maybe his case is one for my other blog, "saint or sinner"? The case be made both for and against him for having produced this book. Did he help or cause more spiritual ills by putting it all together in this manner? As often the case, only God Can Make the call! Except with extreme case such as Hitler or De Sade, no one can readily judge a fellow man as "evil". Or even "good", again in some extreme cases. Only God Knows for sure! We're all shades of grey. This dictionary though is a rare book put to print in recent years that has no shades of grey at all; it is all either incandescent or darker-than-dark here! Perdition is, at that point - once the soul is without a body - most probably a path one cannot come back from. See, muslim, jewish and mostly "assorted christian types outside of the Roman Catholic Church" - this is the charm of the catholic concept of PURGATORY! It offered a way out - the living could bail out their loved ones who died "a tad too grey", through constant prayer on this side... If it does not exist, well then we're all on our own. All the time. We are born alone - even twins - we will die alone. We will fend for our soul's salvation alone too.
And some do not even bother with it!

I believe that Gustav Davidson did bother with that aspect - greatly! And he believed that God wanted him to complete this work before he died - so that he would leave behind a complete compendium of all angels' names ever known, ever uttered or whispered or even imagined... Even if imagined, what if an angel inspired it? Isn't art, whether writing, painting, sculpture or music, inspired by the Divine? God Does prohibit graven images - if they are to become idols and the object of worship. God Would not Have Given such incredible talent to the likes of Michelangelo, Rembrandt and, yes, Leonardo Da Vinci so that these great artists creat things that would offend Him or, worse still, betray Him! There is some art that is really devil-inspired - such as Dan Brown's celebrated book there - but I have no doubt that the magnificent paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo were inspired by God, Who DId Give him his awesome talent. God Gives us our talents - what we do with them is what makes them good or bad. Such is the lesson I always took from Jesus' parable about the Talents!
And so, under that perspective, even the fictional angels' names have more value than anything else fictional out there - for it probably is God's Will for us to see His Heavenly Attendants everywhere in nature, in the flow of time, in the entire universe, both seen and unseen!
God Inspired that in many an author - Milton comes to mind - as surely as He Inspired me today to pen this out of... thin air verily!
I did not know what to blog about this morning - and THIS came out!
Hurray for Divine Inspiration! ;)


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