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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Word - You Read It? The Voice - You Will Hear It Also...!

How special is that...
The word "storm", twice popping up on me within hours really...
The second time is far more pleasant, really; as it was just now, as I concocted this very blog post, not knowing what to blog about really, listening to the song below... I decide to post the video itself (always a nice shortcut to take on blogs! Posting visuals - with sound, it's even better!)
Looking for the pic below that, to me, goes so very well with the video, I find the pic above - which makes special mention of a storm...
That particular storm followed closely the kiss of Judas - and I was the recipient of a kiss of Judas myself recently, in a hypocritical display of sympathy for the recent passing of my saintly father, so, it stands to reason that I follow in His Footsteps all the way - hmm? That is Jesus' Footsteps, of course - not my saintly father. Although they are close, in my heart, Jesus takes the nod, always.
Yesterday, on an odd and freaky encounter with some of the ookiest to be found in the auld neighborhood very soon after dusk, someone of ill repute told me, in the course of a very brief conversation, something that sounded like either a prediction or a threat.
It went something like this: "it is a nice night... So calm... The calm before the storm".
I immediately snapped back, as sardonically as ever: "A storm is brewing? Really? Is this PROPHECY? Or a prediction you're making...?"
I got next to nothing for a reply... some gibberish that sounded like "it's a feeling" and that was it for that conversation, as the cronie left... A cronie it was, yes, because I know who the big fish is and that wasn't it! The Orca whale and I never spoke really - we merely faced in eye-to-eye staredown duels...
Hmm... I think that there can be no doubt that it was either a WARNING... Or a full-fledged THREAT indeed. A storm is brewing and the epicenter of it is gunning at ME - because someone close to me called the cops one too many times to report on the comings and goings of petty criminals who happen to be revengeful still!
They may be planning to send me another nightly visitor at 4AM... ha!
Let them come!

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