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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bertha Atkins - three years ago...


Two years ago a couple of Wayne County Circuit Court juries found Larqueta Collier, 16, and Sharon Patterson, 17, guilty in the Sept. 17, 2003 death of Bertha Atkins, the defendant Collier's actual grandmother. Collier, incidentally, was also convicted of arson for setting fire to her 64-year-old grandmother's house, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office had declared back in 2004...

Collier had said that after the killing, Patterson (pictured) convinced her to go see the movie "Jeepers Creepers" in order to "take their mind off of what had happened", reported a TV station that covered the lurid trial...

When old style morals and values clash with newfound liberal lifestyles, these sort of things can and will happen, nowadays...

Bertha Atkins - you are remembered.
While your grand-daughter and her lover have gotten what they wanted, in this recognized bastion of sapphism known as women's correctional facilities...

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