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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long Week-end Luminous/Fast & Furious Survival Tips...!

Because TLB Prime cares! Sure we do! Rrrrrright.
As much as Rrrrrrrrrrrutten does.
Rutten who?
Bas Rutten, that's who, bouncer extraordinaire!
To tell the truth, Bas Rutten was much more than just a bouncer. He was a mixed martial arts fighter all over the world's kickboxing rings, most notably where that sort of thing is really appreciated, namely in Japan. Bas Rutten was one of the best fighters in MMA spectator -and often, one has to admit, spectacular if brutal- sport. He was a 3-time Pancrase champion and an UFC champion too. Granted, he was a lean mean brawling machine back then - now he's become a beefier brute but still a likeable and often funny and agreeable guy, somehow...! For, here today, Bad a$$ Bas gives us a whole crash course on how to decimate any baddie that comes your way or simply antagonizes you in a bar, on the streets or anywhere in-between - free of any charge!

The thing is, Bas Rutten and I share the same philosophy. As he says in the video, he doesn't believe in an eye for an eye; he believes in two eyes for an eye. In other words, if someone attacks you, you show no mercy whatsoever in taking him out and "doing him damage" - permanent damage. This is inflicting debilitating damage upon your opponent, all in a spirit of self-defensive retaliation/revenge imbued of divinely-decreed self-preservation, of course! Yup - I believe in that! A much greater man taught us to "pray for our enemies" (Jesus said that, for you heathens without a clue) however I believe it applies to those enemies that stay out of our faces and hate us from afar! Those that get too close deserve to get hurt - and get hurt bad! No joke! Well, maybe not... The fact remains that so many decent folks are stuck on wheelchairs for the rest of their lives - if a few lowlives wind up in the same condition, it is not an injustice at all! Maybe the experience will make them better human beings - although, deep down, I doubt it will.

So, my luminous advice is indeed to do as Roustabout Rutten (a better nickname than, say, Rotten Rutten... eh?) admonishes, if only on week-ends and nights out, out onto the dangerous streets out there - for it is a jungle out there and these boogers deserve to be blinded and beaten up bad!

Who needs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg or Vin Diesel - when one has Bas Rutten for a hero and veritable role-model?
A practical hero, that is...
Over and out! ;)

Hi Luce,

It is cool that Bas Rutten teaches some self-defence. I think it is great if someone is able to give back to the attacker as much or more than they did to their victom. If the victom is not strong enough to fight back and win, then try to flee if possible, or use your brain and leave clues for others to follow if taken away by force.

God willing we will not be faced with an enemy that is too strong for us to handle.

God Bless You Luce (\ô/)
No adversary is "too strong" to handle... ;)

And, if we fall in the midst of battle, we've scored points with God - He Loves the meek!

In any case though, Bas Rutten's half-jokingly spouted out advice is to be followed - take two eyes for an eye!!!

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