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Friday, September 22, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos - Spiritual Music Edition


Today, after the rich music of Rieu and Jarre, we go a notch above that on TLB Prime - we reach out for spiritually-rich music!
Above are two screens for Jah Wobble material that is simply mesmerizing indeed! He adjoigned himself a lot of quality accomplices, one has to admit - the likes of Dolores O'Riordan and Sinead O'Connor - aye, tis the Irish Connection! *lol*
His regulars - the Invaders of the Heart - aren't half bad either! ;)

As astonishing as those end results are, no one comes close to the melodious voice of Twila Paris - especially when the material is just right... Alas, all I could find was this song you may be hearing right now, as you read these few lines - the ingenious attempt by sharp studio execs to "commercialize" and "broaden the audience" of Twila, that "Christian broad" with the golden voice but with material deemed, somehow, "difficult to sell to the masses"...
Amy Grant was another one who went that route, half through her own mind and will...
I could not find any of Amy's videos though, for some reason...
"Cry For The Desert" may be the perfect companion to the story posted here two days ago, however, we all know who Twila is singing both to as about when she says that she would die for Him... Twila is singing about God, not the desert! Thus, I doubt that she would be found literally "crying for the desert" as one of the two protagonists in that certain story was found to be doing...
Cry For The Desert is a great song that is also an appropriate showcase for Twila's voice - however, her magnificent performance of "My Lips Will Praise You" remains her very, very best - ever! ;)

Hurray for some artists such as Mary-Kathryn, Rebecca St-James and Kandi Bahr (yes, that is her real name!) - to name but three (who happen to be friends of TLB Prime!) - artists who don't have to or will not play the music industry's executives' games... nor give in to their demands!

Such things are common in mainstream "soft rock" though - and even in other genres too... The allusions are so precise, we just know what it is immediately - however, in order to broaden that audience reaching factor, it is kept to a minimum so that it can mean as many different things to as many different people out there...
One can find it a tad hypocritical but one can also understand the necessity of the method.

Looking for appropriate material to put in here today, we were, instead, reminded of some sort of... odd and unfortunate occurrence.
Earlier this year - in fact, as we began what would be a terrible, horrible year - we had chosen a certain song as the "theme" for this new year... "New Light of Tomorrow", by the band called Husky Rescue, seemed like a perfect title and a pretty optimistic sounding one at that... How appearances can be deceiving! Of course, in this case, we chose to overlook obvious things - thus deceiving ourselves in the sad process...! The video ends rather badly - but we, at TLB Prime, chose to focus on the resplendent apparition the video brought in at that point - an angel, no less! Even if it was, apparently, the angel of death... It does appear to be a fallacy, by the way, to speak of an "angel of death" - for death is a bad guy and will be no more once the New Earth is established. It is no angel - not even a fallen one for that matter, though in league with the fallen ones it surely will be... Death is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! As such, it is but an entity - one that will be eradicated soon and forevermore. The angels from Heaven that might come to "claim" or really guide our souls towards the Light once we cross over are not "angels of death" but really "angels who appear at the moment of death" - but we all recognize the length of such an appellation and "need" a shortcut; hence "angel of death" was born! Note though that in no way, shape or form has the preceding been influenced by shows such as "Highway to Heaven", "Touched by an Angel" or "Dead Like Me"... It is simply pure deduction - luminous style! :)

Despite all that, in this triad of videos that will play here for the next two weeks, we have chosen to include the ill-fated -ultimately it sure was indeed- New Light of Tomorrow... Again...
The Luminous Blog presents:

Music Video Codes By

Oh, we have to present the third participant of the mini-playlist here too - so, finally, we have OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark - a band that had to be featured on The Luminous Blog sooner or later too! For there's nothing dark whatsoever about them indeed! Their music always had a spiritual quality to it too - despite its "mainstream aura" and lavish sound, in a typically Eighties way...
Many artists could be perceived as such, verily.
Many songs, that have officially nothing "pro-Christian" about them, have been, to us here at TLB Prime, spiritually-enriching... We intend to post them here, every 14 days... ;) God, and willing...!!!

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