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Friday, September 08, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos!

Today, for this edition of LFNV, I give you MUSIQUE CLASSIQUE
Courtesy of one André Rieu...!
André Rieu is like a modern-day, modest but dynamic Mozart of the stage!

One of his concerts, seen on PBS, was taped live from Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Rieu went out of his way to flatter the patriotism of the locals, even going as far as doing his homework and unearthing little bits of historical trivia about the city. Maastricht is, indeed, the oldest city in that area - founded over 2,000 yeara ago by the Romans, in the good old days (not merely "old days" of course but "ancient & archaic days" indeed!) back when "all the lands of the (ancient) world were Roman"!

Rieu then invited local star Benny Neyman to sing on stage another classic from olden days (Newman? NEWMAN? Nay - Neyman! Think of a Dutch version of Barry Manilow...) which, in itself, was a very nice touch.

Speaking of whom - one must give credit when credit is due - no matter what - and Manilow deserves major kudos for his performance at the Emmy Awards honoring the great American Bandstand legendary host, Dick Clark. It was especially amazing considering that Manilow was scheduled to be on an operating table the next day at 5 in the morning! His honoring Mr. Clark was, in itself, also a very nice touch. Nicer than the speeches honoring Aaron Spelling...! But that is another story we've delved into already...

I may not like Barry Manilow much (save for "Copacabana" maybe...) but I can look past personal preferences - unlike others I know...!! ;)

Back to André Rieu now - his habit is to have splendid ladies deliver very-well known songs on stage with him, while he plays the fiddle and his orchestra carries the whole show further along...! That combination makes Rieu better than Yanni, John Tesh, Kitaro and many others - though we have various sounds there. Rieu is, of course, the one championing a very classical sound.

To accompany the André Rieu musical pieces here tonight, I found the perfect companion and modern-day music counterpart in... Jean-Michel Jarre!
Also from Europe (with a name like that...) Jarre has had music in his blood from day one too. Oxygène IV, VII, VIII and X prove it well, below...

Jarre and Rieu - indeed the Roman Empire is reborn, in the European Union - and indeed they rule the world again... The world of arts anyhow! ;)

And, ultimately, the video that will be playing for the next 14 days in your heads, as you stop by TLB Prime's homepage, will be THE LAST RENDEZ-VOUS... Click and listen to it in a new window - because I've disabled it here on this post, for archival purposes...! Tis a video without video and only audio though - ominous sounds added, to boot, for further allegorical meaning...! Aye, this is reflective of my somber thoughts - when I am not reflecting The Luminous Source of Light that is! Blessings to all - even the antagonists - for such is His Teaching and Example.


You did a good job on picking out the Video's for tonight. :)

I enjoyed listening to them.

Have a GREAT Weekend!!

God Bless You Luce (\ô/)
It was long overdue I think!

This is the type of music that belongs on a luminous blog - Jarre music! Rieu music! If I can get my hands on Kitaro, I will put him on here too!

And, of course, Gary Wright's Dream Weaver!
The one piece of music I wanted to be playing if I had to pick an entrance music - if I were a professional wrestler!!!

But that is another story...!
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