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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ok Now - I Have Had Enough!

I have had enough of the hypocrites, the foul mouths and the liars.
I have had enough of the evil minds among us.
I have had enough of... pretty much 3/4 of the world right there...!

I have had enough of the holier-than-thous such as Nancy Grace, who come down hard on suspected guilty parties but are never so severe or harsh towards the criminals that only look innocent...
Shame on you Nancy - and shame on CNN - for demolishing a suspect so badly, on the airwaves, that she later committed suicide (on September 8th in fact)

I have had enough also of our man Yusuf...!
Anybody knows Yusuf? He used to go by the name of... Cat!
Cat Stevens, yes. Now a faithful of Islam, Cat... I mean, Yusuf, thinks that the pope has proven that he is not infallible with his choice of quotation material lately... Hey, Cat - anybody who's dumb enough to think that a man in frocks is infallible will be... say... dumb enough to quit a successful singing career and dumb enough to change religions too!
NO MAN is infallible - ONLY GOD IS PERFECT.
Pass the word around Mecca...

I have had enough of false friends too.
Look at this latest sordid, horrid case of false friendhood...
Tiffany Hall, a woman of color in her mid-twenties, who mercilessly took the lives of not just her friend, Jimella Tunston, aged 23, but also her friend's three children (aged 7 and under) and her friend's still unborn child...!
With friends like these, we need not DEMONS...
Actually, friends like these are the demons among us - pernicious, in our midst... Ready to strike when we least expect...

Enough... for today!

Comments received via e-mail...

Yusuf says...

*LOL* No, not him...
A TLB Prime faithful says:

Hi Luciano
What the heck are you so angry about on your blog ? I know what Nancy Grace did on her show and no it wasn't right but the woman did do something to her own son. Have you really been following the case? She has thrown out all of his baby pictures and all of his toys the day before he went missing. She was selling his car seat. She killed herself because she was under so much pressure from the police who had found all of this out and she wouldn't talk to them.

Hmm... That may all be true, but I'd just like to see Nancy Grace get so feral with criminals like... Dubya and Cheney, if only once! (Well, it would likely be only once too - she'd get fired right afterwards... or she'd "mysteriously disappear"...!!! But I digress again, aren't I?)

Paula Zahn is also on CNN - and her ratings are weaker because her attitude is softer!
Go figure...
(The Wrath of Zhan would have made more sense than... "Merciless Grace"! Wouldn't you agree? I know... digressing, again!)

I hope Nancy Grace gets to interview Tiffany Hall then...


Oops... that was BLESSINGS!

Now, another comment from another faithful...

"Oh - i see - not sad or depressed no more - just mad as hell!"

Ah, that would be RIGHTFULLY ANGERED AS HEAVEN... Paul! ;)

Besides, I'm just being consistent, pal - I am always angry at 3/4 of the planet on my blogs! *LOL*

See ya on The Lugubrious Blog!
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