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Friday, September 01, 2006

So, Why Is It Then That Some Fare Better Than Others...?

We see it all over the media and we see it wherever we may go too - although we are all "born equal", and it is often rhetorically expressed, not everyone is equally lucky! Even among the "lucky ones", there are different types to delineate, ranging from "blessed by the fates" to "dumb luck"! Why is that? There must be a reason behind all that, right? Nothing happens without rhyme or reason in our universe - ask Hawking! Everything is meticulously balanced out by the Supreme Mathematician Who Created All! A less-than-supreme mathematician convinced Hawking to mention GOD often in all of his scientific theses so that sales could multiply a hundred-fold -at least- or so it was mathematically estimated... But I digress yet again...

And so, the rules of the universe are so tightly well-calculated that no two planets whirl out of control and bump into each other, creating a cosmic domino effect that sends us all, E.T. too, into oblivion... Even though I am convinced that God Could play pool with our globe and every other such astral body, and send us all into a black hole only for His Amusement, if He Wasn't such a Loving God. Some children though are harder to love than others, you will all admit. God Loves all equally - that is a feat only God Can Accomplish (just like, say, Creating the universe and regulating it? Yeah - see how it all fits together?)
However, even though all are loved equally, not all are blessed equally!
It has to be our own fault.

The main link today is about a study trying to determine why some people age better than others, even when they are closely related. It has to be because those who fare better have taken better care of themselves over the years. Some reach their 90s and are still active - others eat junk food throughout their "prime" ; they cannot expect to reap any "rewards" come their old age, if they even get there...!

Some kids are even worse than that though - such as "Rose", a Quebec teenager who nearly died a few years ago after defying a curfew established by the only ones who truly love her unconditionally on this Earth... Her parents. One night, around midnight, Rose slipped out of her bedroom after a brief cell phone conversation with a so-called "friend" and agreed to meet him, along with another guy, at a nearby parking lot. They picked her up in a stolen car I do believe - drunk behind the wheel and all - and they drove up to a "recreo-park" which is right by the river...
Once there, Rose says now that "a little light lit up in her head, warning her that something was amiss... That she was in danger". Really? It was about time... Better late than never, as they say...
Indeed, the danger was not that there was drinking and driving going on there ; the danger was that she was alone with two guys. Although the one she knew best and regarded as a "friend" did not assault her, the other guy sure did. The sexual assault quickly became attempted murder, for the young punk (by the name of Dompierre - serving an eleven-year sentence now, since 2005) believed that, if she lived, he was looking at 25 years in jail - just for attempted rape. Ironic that a punk has a better sense of justice than a bonafide judge, eh? He got only 11 years for attempted MURDER - and attempted rape! My, what horrid things must a felon do to hit the jackpot - life imprisonment?!? One shudders at the thought...

Needless to say, Rose survived, somehow, more on instinct (she played possum - played dead, exactly as a wounded animal would in order to escape a predator. She threw herself in the river and laid motionless on the other side of the river. The punks wouldn't follow in the cold water because they did not want to wet the car seats afterwards! Pathetic criminals, are they not. But that is another story... So, Rose survived the sickening and gratuitous assault and, soon enough, during the trial, she was denounced by both the defense lawyer as by a certain media pundit -Gilles Proulx- as having gone after trouble. Appalling attitude by both, considering that both seemed to completely forget that there had been ATTEMPTED MURDER there. Sure, Rose went after trouble, but it was only a sexual assault risk - the creep took it much further than that by trying to kill her on top of that. Proulx would be forced to resign from his radio broadcast position over his insisting too much that Rose was a little you-know-what... Funny that he omitted to say that Dompierre was a CAREER CRIMINAL in full bloom! I lost a lot of respect for Proulx... Still, even more appalling to me is the fact that Dompierre's defense lawyer was a WOMAN! Hell will be filled to capacity with lawyers, indubitably...

So many are "guilty as charged", like Dompierre... And, alas, like Rose too. The blame was laid, again, on society, which is nowadays way too permissive and way too "open". Right here, on the web, millions of pornographic images are readily available. Dopes like Dompierre (who never even completed grade school) wind up thinking that sex is theirs and they have a "right" to do as they please. And when that doesn't work out, they can erase all of their traces with murder. That's the coherent thought-process from an uneducated thug for you! Drop-outs, I tell ya... But I might be digressing again, so I'll stop telling you! ;)

This theory is not mine though - the "blame it on the permissive society of today and on the web porn" stuff comes from a very open-minded sexologist actually who was commenting on this sordid case! I say it is only PART of the problem... Just like guns don't kill people, people who pull the trigger do? Here, also, it is people who make the wrong choices. Sexual activity has been trivialized, sure, but it is not web porn that pushed Rose to take such mind-boggling chances as she did... Violence has been trivialized too, but it is not all the violence that he has seen in movies and video-games that pushed Dompierre to dump on poor bubbleheaded Rose that night... He has the seed of evil right in the core of his being ; in his soul. It is not the environment that makes us what we are - it is what is inside of us. The environment, like all of the props (guns, drugs, whatever else there is) are mere tools that are either used or ignored. It is all up to each and every one of us to make that decision. It will be overwhelming to the naturally-inclined towards evil ones to make the wrongest of choices... They shall suffer the consequences for it, that's all. And these consequences will be harsher in the Great Beyond than they are here, believe you me...! Eleven years... Were he in Florida, would Dompierre elude death row for very long?!? Good for him that his mommy couldn't afford to be a "snowbird" like most of his fellow drop-out duds are... duh!
This is not justice, not in my book, of course - a system that is all built around the "reformation of the guilty party" while neglecting the victim and the victim's family is not "justice". Justice - with a capital "J" - will be had only later on... When it is meted out and delivered by the Awe-ful Judge Himself on Judgment Day. Many a so-called "lawman" will be reprimanded severely that day... They, too, made their bed - let them lie in it! They do that often anyway, lie that is... Lie or twist facts in their clients' favor... Doesn't always work.

So then, what can we conclude as far as our original questioning here today goes - why are we not all equally fortunate? Well, for starters, we can't all win the jackpot - how would the world turn without envy, jealousy and greed? We are all born equal in a sense, but we are not all born with the same degree of common sense! And then there is that old French saying: "le malheur des uns fait le bonheur des autres". That can be taken on many levels to mean many things - bad weather on one side of the globe that is accustomed to great weather will benefit the other side of the globe, which will then be able to export its umbrellas and warmer clothing there, for there will now be a demand to supply there, when there wasn't one before! More directly and less poetically, a hated co-worker's firing will help out someone looking for a promotion sooner rather than later... In a world in movement, all of this activity is necessary to test our characters and see if we will do the "right thing" at all times. Rose's so-called friend did not, when he failed to even try to defend her from Dompierre. He got, for his part, a seven-year sentence. Likewise, we will all be rewarded according to our actions and reactions during our own "tests"...

And then, there are those times when luck has nothing to do with it - and it is but our destiny to meet our demise a certain way. Such as this 9-year-old boy from Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA, who died Thursday from eastern equine encephalitis. He was the first fatality from the mosquito-borne virus in the state this year. His name was John too. John Fontaine developed a fever Aug. 18 and was hospitalized two days later. He died Thursday afternoon, said Christine Powers-Perry, a spokeswoman for Children's Hospital in Boston.
That was neither a question of luck or lack of it, nor was it his fault in any way. So, mosquito bites can be fatal now - are we going to stay indoors forevermore now? I myself have gone out with short sleeves this summer and been bitten a dozen times - I guess my death from such a thing would not have served as much purpose as this boy's demise does. Yes - the word is purpose - and it is not a typo! (I am not that bad a typist to make twice the same typo - in a row!)
In the Grand Scheme of Things, even someone's untimely death -especially if untimely- serves a purpose. Its effects on that person's immediate entourage are necessary ripples and reverberations that must be felt - either to make said entourage change their ways, mend some things, reflect upon other things, come to terms with what truly matters in their existence and / or simply better themselves. Plus, Heaven gains a new angel - which is always great. Hell has been increasing their numbers ceaselessly for some time now (it is said too, you know where, that their numbers will be as numerous as the pecks of sand in the desert -lest it is on the beach, which would still be considerable- lo, in the end of days... Yeah, I know - me and my paraphrasing! *LOL*) and so, we can assuredly say that a 9-year-old is as pure as they come and is a shoo-in to be named as "newest heavenly attendant recruit" - immediately!

Ultimately, maybe it is our perception of what "luck" is that is off-kilter - for this 9-year-old boy is assuredly luckier, in many ways, than the boy who "saw dead people" on the silver screen in the movie that made him a star and M. Night Shmalayan a director "de renom"... And who is now slowly but surely going the way of that "Home Alone" kid...


I was glued to the screen as I read your post today. That was a great article you wrote! It is sad what happened to Rose. :( I am glad that she did survive, but it isn't anything I would even wish on an enemy. I am glad that those guys did get put away for as long as they did at least. It still is hard to get a conviction on rape. I don't understand that, but people do blame the victim when they get raped. It was the guys choice to rape her, she did NOT ask for it, like so many people say girls do that have been raped.

That 9 year old boy who died is in God's arms now. I also was bitten by a mosquito when I was a child. I was 7 and I got encephalitis from the bite of a mosquito. I almost died many times, but God saved me through the prayers of my family and their friends.
I hope that the little boy's family will know that he is with God and draw comfort from that.

God Bless You Luce (\ô/)
Several mosquito bites have had dramatic and tragic repercussions in the one state of Massachusetts alone - but we are talking about a handful of cases only still.

No pandemic here.
No panic necessary.

Nonetheless, all ages are concerned with the West Nile Virus...



And get some Raid!
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