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Monday, October 23, 2006

Formidable Forwardable ~ one that seems very à propos too at this time... Like a Light illuminating the cavern of rancor where I dwelt...


Friends are those who forgive you
- they have to if they are going to be friends. It is there
somewhere among all the unwritten laws that a friend
is someone you can rely on when there's no word, no
kept promise, no outward sign of "ali i", which is
friendship to the Cherokee. We can forget a friend's
birthday - and we can't say that about anyone else. We
can tell them our deepest, darkest thoughts and they
will take us to lunch. We may mistake them as our
keeper - but we never, never mistake them for some -
one ordinary. The hardest lesson we have to learn is
that everyone is not a friend. Not everyone sees us as
a child at times, needing support and comfort. But a
friend sees all and says nothing - until the right time.
And even then we are forgiven.

I guess finding this today in my inbox - and the mere intuition one of my better contacts had to forward this to me - it truly is The Lord telling me to forgive the turds, forgive the so-called family, forgive the so-called friends for whatever offenses they've perpetrated me or mine...
and/or forgive what is no more than the "unforgivable sin of... neglect"!?

Aye - I KNOW it is the Lord telling me to...
It simply has to be - for there are NO coincidences...!


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