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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Insightful, if not needful, things...

What's the point of so much nitpicking, huh?
What's the purpose of all this "striving to be tops", eh?
Why do we bother with keeping up appearances so much?
There is nothing that lasts forever in our vicinity - then why take so much to heart such trivial things - for they truly are trivial, ultimately...

Now, for things that are NOT trivial...
We find, near the top of our short list, kindness and caring.
To take into account how others feel, what they feel and how they might be feeling at precise trying times in their lives - and we all experience those, sooner or later...
Next, and close enough to being the same thing, we have empathy.
The "power of understanding" it is...
Next time, when asked what super-power you would like to have been endowed with at birth or in the blink of an eye, go with that one...
For, with the power of understanding, you can truly do a whole lot of good around you - each and every day of your life! Understanding your fellow man's actions, reactions and every other conceivable type of action will go a long way towards achieving towards achieving that most precious thing called ACCEPTANCE... And either that or tolerance is the chief pre-requisite for the utopic dream of "world peace"...
So, to coin a luminous phrase, "inch toward empathy"... Heck, fumble towards it! Even that will be a step in the right direction - even if an awkward one, at first...!
And we must round out the true needful things with... philanthropic altruism - without ulterior motives now, please! Never to be confused with dreams of sycophantic nepotism or the lure of the quick gain! (Brings to mind my humorous character-find of yesteryear - the Sycophantic Psychopath! Aye, tis another story entirely... For another time!)
In the immortal words of my former English History teacher, Trevor Burridge, "we have to think of others" - and we have to think of them UNDER A GOOD LIGHT TOO!
Not easy to do some times / MOST times... I know...!
We have to try! Try and BE THE CHANGE that we want to see in this world...
In a society... Heck, in a world where it is all about "me, me, me" - this task is far easier said than done - WE ALL KNOW THAT!

Knowledge being power and assessing a condition being the first step towards full recovery, surely all of these *truly needful things* can be cast in the realm of the "possible" now... Hmm? Wouldn't you all agree?

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