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Friday, October 06, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos - Classical & Nostalgic Edition!

Well now, here we go again here, on TLB Prime, with some more, ah, Luminous Tunes - what else?
I will listen to what is supposed to be "cyber common courtesy" though and NOT EMBED any videos, this time out anyways...
Aye - no embedding at least every other time, for I do not want you L.O.V.s who *dare* to look into the archives to find yourselves listening to TWO editions of Luminous Friday Night Videos kicking off simultaneously, upon clicking on any given month of the Luminous Archives here...!
That goes, of course, for those reading this on the site of origin itself...
Most videos I put up -whose codes originate from sites such as or will start playing automatically once you access my site.
One instant play is considered a breach of common courtesy conventions in cyberland...
Two could be considered a nuisance indeed for thy ears...!!!
I shall not do that to my faithful - the few, the proud, the Luminous Online Visitors of TLB Prime! ;)
Hence, this edition is all screens - or "MySpace codes" - it's the same darn thing really, anyways!
Below each screen, a small luminous blurb explaining what it is...
Each evokes a little something special to me... :)
Enjoy, folks!

Myspace Codes

Classical music evokes both nostalgia and romanticism for little luminous me - since day one really! (Ok - as far as I can remember anyway! Happy now?)

Myspace Codes

Maybe it has to do with my being the namesake of a famous tenor...

Myspace Codes

The King of Tenors, really! ;)

Myspace Codes

This guy makes me think of my uncle Gil - he used to play like that - before the camera - and then distribute, free of charge, video copies of his performances to all the family and friends that he could think of...
R.I.P. Uncle Gil

Myspace Codes

But to get back to classical music now - no, really ; I don't think Pavarotti has ever influenced me either way, really...

My dear late father loved... no, he loves this piece sung by Pavarotti here - Nessun Dorma. He must be enjoying angelic choirs performing it now - lest it is... Caruso?

Myspace Codes

It sure moves me more now than Church's Prayer here (with some assistance from Groban...)

Myspace Codes

This now is classical music to me too - the theme from that auld TV show...

Myspace Codes

And this - oh, boy - do I wish I was back when I first heard this song on the radio - that particular summer when "Cruel To Be Kind" and "Cool Night" were two major hits... Where, but where are all of those artists now?!?
(Another question arises too - what the hell is wrong with radio broadcasters anyway? Are they all pessimistic, quasi-suicidal "bleak future for our business" would-be "prophètes de malheur" types - or what?!? Ok - that was 2 questions... One long-winded one too... Mea culpa! But I did hear this song first -and often- on the radio back then... And that is odd! Considering how picky radio is about what they will play or not give a snowball's chance in hell to... But I digress...)

Myspace Codes

To end on an ambiguous and far-from-luminous note... This bit of nostalgic lyricism here - a song that always made me think of me and the woman of my dreams (at the time, I had no clue at all who she would be - but I saw her as my most complete accomplice! ;) riding out any stormy weather and heading off into the sunset on a happy ending of note...
I was idealistic on top of romantic and a tad naive as well - wasn't I?
Storms, in real life, are not so easy to weather out...
With the accumulated luminescence of the years (what is commonly refered to as the wisdom of the years) I do believe however that there is always not only a light at the end of the tunnel - but there's a beautiful rainbow there as well! :)
Heck - I believe it and I know it - in my heart, where it counts!

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