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Monday, October 16, 2006

Luminous *** YOU ROCK *** List...!!! - - - First Edition

Miami Dolphins -

You footed the bill for a college football player's cleats when the kid couldn't find a size 20 anywhere in his town - the NFL's Aquamen ordered it custom-made and gave it to him! How nice of them, eh? Nice guys do finish last - and get to pick first in the following year's draft!
Go, Aquamen, Go!

Bo Derek

You've championed the cause of horses across the land of the free and home of the brave - trying to spare them the ignominious fate that entails ending up on a plate as an European company has established itself in the U.S. - in horse-laden Texas but also in Illinois incidentally...
This alone proves that you remain a *10* - 4-ever!

Whoopi Goldberg

too! For the same reasons as Bo does - protesting the arrival of horsemeat factories on American soil but also demanding their shutdown - but also because of thy wondrous sense of humor on display since day one...! Too bad you never showed up in place of Bill back when WCW touted him as "Goldberg - the millennium man"...!
You, Whoopi, are closer to being a millennium personality than he ever will be...

Neil Diamond

Your songs "Morning Has Broken" and "Sing A Song Of Songs" (that is the title of it - isn't it?) prove what I've said all along - tons of mainstream tunes and mainstream artists can be found to be praising the Lord while catering to a mass audience! It is the best thing ever when we coax the agnostic, atheistic and other "hics" into PRAISING GOD UNBEKNOWNST TO THEM...!!!
(More on Neil later on this week... ;)

Bush Bashers

Don't let up on Dumbass Dubya now - he deserves every last bit of it! I shall do my part of the work too, I assure you! Tomorrow - a little "anti-tribute" to the most pathetic president (and wanna-be antichrist) of the modern era... Right here - on TLB Prime! :)

Cheney Smashers

even more! For you know who is truly behind all the evil manipulations... Who is truly pulling all the mischievous strings... Who is truly trying his darndest best to be the antichrist here (but he's nothing but an old fool though - for it is clear already that the evil, incredibly fiendish triple-6 guy will be coming out of the Middle-East - that odorous trouble spot right next to the esophagus and usually out-of-order...



You Save! You Heal! You Deliver! You Bless! You Will Judge Far More Rightfully And Righteously Than All Earthly Judges Combined (that means you too, Judge Judy... and Amy... and whoever it is anymore that holds the spot in the People's Court!!!)
Amen! :)

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