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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Roar on, Tigers!

Yay! Yankees are OUT OF IT!
Damn Yankees - season is OVER!
Jeers to Jeter - A-Rod's a poor sod
(at too costly a price)
Back to Japan ye goes, Gojira Hideki
And Johnny D - to hell with thee! ;)

Ahh - that felt so gooooood! :)

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Wait 'til next year...!

No, not the damn yanks...!
The only way is down for them!
They can kiss A-Rod, the Moose, Bernie, Gary, Cory and a whole bunch of them goodbye now...

Joe Torre is old news too!

Wait until next year's HEALTHY RED SOX CLUB!

They will take the east early - and rule it mercilessly!

Mark my luminous words!
A comment I left on that certain site... My, certainly!

2007 will be pivotal -
Steinbrenner's mercenaries versus the Red Sox Nation - I don't think George stands a chance!

That is, if the Sox have just a little bit of luck next season! A healthy ball club with Jonathan Papelbon as a starter and a little tweaking of the current roster of players - fine tuning really - and the Sox should grasp the East and KEEP IT 'til the end this time!

The Jays are so silly, thinking that they accomplished anything by squeezing in past the Sox at the very end there - they did get to steal way too many wins from the Sox this year though!
That won't happen again!

As for the Yanks... A-Rod is a major, momentous bust - Jaret Wright and (alas - for he is an almost-cousin of mine) Carl Pavano are also huge disappointments... I say the Yanks are just about ready to go back to the good old days of Mattingly and Nokes as their catcher - when they would LOSE consistently...
Now those were the days where Yankee Pride was right where it deserved to be; at the bottom of the standings!

I always thought "yankee pride" was an oxymoron anyway, considering what the verb "yank" means and all... The only pride in all of sports that makes any sense to me is Celtic Pride!
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