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Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving, eh?

Columbus Day for you, Americans, is the Canadian Thanksgiving here - I hate Chris Columbus, of course! He learned all that he knew from the Portuguese then was the turncoat - selling out to the rival Spaniards! His services were less than desirable though - he set out to discover the road to the Indies - GOT LOST and wound up... here! At least, the Portuguese (led by Vasco Da Gama) truly found what they were looking for! Colombus is, thus, nothing but a hack! It is telling that Americans honor him so much and all - along with all the other doubtful stuff that America is "built upon" (Freemasonry... Illuminati... Slavery... Skull & Bones... Bilderberg!!! Yeah - I love to say the name "Bilderberg" - it rolls off the tongue in a very amusing way, don't you agree? But I digress...)
No wonder Dubya got elected not once but twice, all things considered!
The USofA deserved no better than that...!

Canada sucks mightily big time too, mind you - the country's very existence is another, even more complicated historical mistake! France should have never come here - they only did so to compete with England! The end result of the presence of the two here created only an incongrous alleged "country" that is always threatening to unravel at the seams - being nothing more than a very fragile and tentative patchwork job! But I digress again...

And so, if we make total and complete abstraction of Columbus (Colombus?) - as well we should - today's marquee holiday is the Canadian version of Thanksgiving...
I will not hold for later what I have to say on the subject - or for the occasion rather - to the profit of American Thanksgiving... Ohhhh, no I won't! Why should I? I have no indication that Americans -in general- are greater supporters of the TLB Prime Network than any other nation "affected" by it (see the red dot constellation on my Clustermap here, which pinpoints the location of aaaaaaaall the L.O.V.s here - the Luminous Online Visitors of this blog!)

What I have to say, of course, is not particularly "nicey-nicey"... No!
But it is the truth - as this blog always focuses on - and I would go ahead with it no matter what...!
I have had a very lousy 2006 and see very few positives - but they are there, those positives, and it is up to us to extirpate something positive from any negative experience that we go through in our lives too...
That is what I always try to do and what I will always strive for - as long as I live!
This Thanksgiving will be imbued with the spirit and philosophy behind this luminous quote: "I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers." - Kahlil Gibran.
With emphasis on changing that ungrateful state, of course... Even if towards these "teachers", aye - I shall not be an ingrate! I am most thankful and grateful to GOD though - it goes without saying but it needs stating, loud and clear, often and especially today - GOD above all, yes, for having placed these so-called "teachers" on my path in the first place...

Hence, without further ado, here is my list of things that I am indeed thankful for - against all odds, rhyme or reason!

I am thankful this year for my enemies - for without them, I would not be half as "good" (if only by sharp contrast...)

I am thankful this year for DEATH - for, without it, LIFE would not be so appreciated while we can enjoy it - and enjoy it we should, for it is so very short and we never know when our time is up (here today, gone tomorrow - right?)

I am thankful this year for LOUSY FAMILY - because, with their presence, one can readily assess how invaluable TRUE FAMILY REALLY IS... (This one goes out to some Ontario residents... Some "locals" too...)

I am thankful this year for UNKINDNESS - for it makes me want to be the opposite all the more - lest I start indulging in self-hatred as much as hatred of these other types...!

I am thankful this year for the ENVY that I am still the object of - it is gratifying, all things considered, and elevating for one's self-esteem! ;)

I am thankful this year for DISEASE and ILLNESS - it makes me strive and pray to remain healthy all the more - stay healthy for the longest time possible in this journey called life...

I am thankful this year for INTOLERANCE - somehow, it triggers PATIENCE in my luminous metabolism (I cannot guarantee that effect 100% of the time though!)

I am thankful this year for NOISE POLLUTION, LIGHT POLLUTION AND OTHER POLLUTIONS - for it makes me that much more appreciative of silence, night lights, cleanliness and tidyness - indeed!

I am thankful this year for ANNOYANCE and MISUNDERSTANDING - for it teaches me to decrease the frequency of my contacts with those that suffer the most from those (probable) genetic defects...

I am thankful this year for TACITURN, QUIET and even MUTE people - they are like unto angels among us! Unlike some blabber-mouths I know...

I am thankful this year for the DEAF and the BLIND too - for, without them, I would probably trivialize and take for granted these two TREASURES I have; my ability to be a good listener and my talent to see the truth.

I am thankful this year for LADY LUCK BEING SO DARN DIFFICULT - if she were to truly advantage me more often than she actually does, I would not appreciate it so much when it FINALLY does happen...!

I am thankful this year for THE DEVIL! I could not ask for a better scapegoat than IT is! Here is the ONLY HUMANOID CREATURE that you can bash in the head with a baseball bat -assuming you're lucky enough to get a chance to do so- WITHOUT ANY REMORSE, ANY LEGAL HASSLES AFTERWARDS - ANY CRIME BEING COMMITTED THERE AT ALL!
What's not to be thankful for there, eh?

:) :) :)

Annette B.
Well, someone is all smiles, SOMEWHERE...!

Glad that it isn't just me...!

Oh well - I typed up this post with tongue firmly in cheek - NOT grinning the slightest bit, I think...!

You must keep smiling though! :)

I don't need to, in order to be sarcastic...!!!
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