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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This and That Tuesday - Take One

This classic song from a bygone, far more innocent era keeps resonating and reverberating in my head these days... "For everything - turn, turn, turn - there is a season - turn, turn, turn - and a purpose for everything under heaven"...

That commercial though, the one about "moments" that relates every imagineable kind of moment there is - from momentary lapses of judgement to 'senior moments', whatever those really are - now THAT commercial is royally ticking me off...!!!

This blogger here recognizes that there is a time, a season, a moment for EVERYTHING conceivable... Aye, there sure is...


That is not a reason to justify just about any kind of behaviour one can dream of...! No way, Jose!

This latest example of a cheater in the so-called "grandest stage of all" (the 'World Series'...) is a good lesson for all would-be cheats out there... Kenny Rogers (the baseball pitcher, not the country singer) came clean in the second inning and did great while playing FAIR - and me, I thought only a second-rate spare such as Mike Myers (the baseball "not-much-relief" pitcher, not the not-so-great comedy actor nor the halloween guy...) or an over-the-hill closer would do such a thing...

But that is another story...

In other news...

This "let's lay off the excess baggage" trend is not a good omen for the end times... at all! Norsk-Hydro laid off close to 300 employees on this day -their excuse: they can't compete with the Chinese in their field, which is the production of magnesium- and even the mighty Bombardier laid off over a thousand employees in Belfast, Montreal and elsewhere...
These guys will now take up the spots that could have gone to youngsters & neophytes trying to break into the job market, by raking any other "available positions" there are elsewhere... Job offers can only satisfy so much demand... Then again, one tallies up 30, 35 years of loyal service to a company, only to be forgotten or laid off or dispatched into early retirement... No wonder the Chinese are hard to compete with! They, at least, treat their employees infinitely better - their entire philosophy is different! A job isn't "just a job" - it isn't just to earn a wage that they do it, it is a true vocation! And the employer has a very solid engagement to the masses of employees it employs - they are NOT just a faceless work force! Asians sure have "got it"... Just ask Jet Li! He is "THE ONE" after all - isn't he? ;)
(Ok - admittedly, he is also a Rogue -a forthcoming film- and, ah, 'Danny The Dog'... But those are other stories...)

I mentioned Montreal a moment ago - makes me think of its rats! They have rats in the chinatown there, the size of fat cats! These rats are found in the Old Port, in Old Montreal (which is so much like Europe - yet assuredly isn't) and on busy streets such as St-Laurent St. and Ste. Dominique St.
The latter used to harbor the local prostitutes, back in the sixties, without being a full-fledged red district per say... Last night, two huge rats were shot dead in an alley there, right behind a trendy lounge bar packed with 160 patrons...
That's an approximate!
These rats were really from the northern shore - from Laval - and they were involved in drug trafficking... One buzz and they were summoned to their deaths via their cellphones... Ah, cells are such a pleasant commodity to have...

And speaking of cells, I start thinking of stem cells - and stem cell research making everyone in the U.S. so troubled and bothered... The fact is, there is a tie-in with both rats and Montreal in there too! As reported by CNN, stem cell research, as controversial as it may be, has proven its efficiency already when it helped heal paralyzed rats in 2001 during experiments conducted in Atlanta... One paralyzed human who could have benefited greatly from this research and its applications to humans was Christopher Reeve - who, for some odd reason, loved Montreal when he passed by there in the eighties, during one of those F.F.M.s (Festival des Films du Monde...) thingies... He had particularly loved Old Montreal (although Old Quebec City is far more like Europe than it is there...) where the rats thrive today...!

Speaking of this, we wind up speaking of that, indeed...
That's it for this take on it...

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