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Thursday, November 30, 2006

In And Out - the luminous list...

The UNDEFINITIVE list, that is...!!!
(so you can expect some updates on this - eventually...!)

In - Slaughterhouse-Five ------- Out - Fahrenheit 451
In - Ludacris -------- Out - 50 Cent
In - The Venture Bros. ------- Out - The Warner Bros.
In - Christie Brinkley at Fenway Park --- Out - J-Lo at Yankee Stadium
In - Vinny Testaverde at Foxboro ----- Out - Drew Bledsoe at Dallas
In - Entourage ---------- Out - Six Feet Under
In - Jack Black --------- Out - Jim Carrey
In - Nacho World Order --------- Out - New World Order
In - The 40 Year Old Virgin ------- Out - Adam Sandler
In - George Miller -------- Out - George Lucas
In - Maggie Grace ------- Out - Elisha Cuthbert
In - Jessica Biel ------- Out - Jessica Alba
In - Éric Lapointe & les gentilles Alouettes --- Out - Éric Lapointe & Bobépine
In - Deadwood --------- Out - Woodworm
In - Evangeline Lilly ------- Out - Jennifer Aniston
In - Borat -------------- Out - Yanni
In - Gene Shalit ------- Out - Gene Simmons
In - Robby The Robot ------- Out - Rob Zombie
In - B.S./P.H./L.L. -------- Out - Tatu
In - Special K ------ Out - K-Fed, K-Pac & K-Mart alike!!!

Hey - haven't you guys heard that everything old is new again?
Hence, it's "in" again too...! ;)
Note that I do not necessarily agree with all of that...
It is just what this luminous blogger has observed... ;)

I would be remiss if I didn't add this tidbit here, in leiu of a luminous comment...

Today's top sidebar quote (which is, ever-so-ironically, to be found way down on the luminous sidebar too...!)
is this:

"The most happy marriage I can imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is funny that I was humming a Kid Rock song when I first read this; and his divorce from Pamela is pending...

Oh, the song was that "Bom-badabang" thing (or something like it)

Perfect song for "snap out of it" self-therapy (whatever the "it" might be...)

I am not a hardcore fan, but I never outright disliked Kid Rock's stuff either, overall...

On the other hand, despite her obvious assets, I could never sit through the whole thing -whether said thing was a movie or an episode of Baywatch or V.I.P.- featuring Pamela Anderson, the thespian...

I used to have the exact same problem with Loni Anderson (mommie?) - but that is another story... Isn't it?

Ooo - déjà-vu here...!


oops - that "in lieu of a luminous comment"... not "in leiu" - yeeowtch!

And the "in and out" thing about all this, if not clear, would be...

IN - Kid Rock's singles (i.e. his music!)

OUT - Kid Rock & Pamela - as an item!

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