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Monday, November 20, 2006

luminous energy-saving tips!

Something to go well with that luminous post about CFLs earlier this month now - here's a bunch of certifiably "quick and easy ways to save energy - now!"
And hey, look - these luminous tips come to us straight from the U.S. Department of Energy too! Surely this is the only genuinely luminous thing to come out of the current administration! Yay! The current and last few administrations, verily...! All twenty of these tips too! You'll see! ;)
In fact, they're so luminous that one can question their human (and most definitely American) origin! Not that I am advocating belief on the supposedly alien origins of certifiably human geniuses such as the pyramid builders, Nikola Tesla and others of the same ilk, though... Whoa - no!
Fact is that we all need some of those helpful reminders, if only to save a few dimes on the hard-earned dollar, once in a while...! Or euro... Or whatever your currency might be! Plus, such easy preventive methods are good for the environment - always a good thing and the right thing to do! :)
Not that I believe that our environment isn't beyond repair - cause it most probably is! The serpent of pollution has coiled itself all around it and is squeezing it dry already - no one can elude such a grasp, not even our dear planet, not with 6 billion morons in tow (that's us!) who have in fact spawned that serpent...!
As Dan Dyer sings it so well, "this world's not right - there's something wrong, you can't deny it"...
But I digress, with an entirely different story that is both sad and immensely tragic - on a planetary if not cosmic scale indeed...
Check out the far more optimistic tips on saving energy now - before depression sinks in - in their entirety, in the luminous comments section! ;)
You'll be glad you did right afterwards!
Trust me on that!



U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy Savers - A consumer guide to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

***20 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Energy Now***
Interested in some quick and easy no-cost or low-cost measures to try now? Using combinations of the following measures can save you 10% to 50% on your energy bills.

Also, your local utility may provide technical guidance and rebates or other financial incentives for many energy efficiency measures. Your state may even have tax credits, loans, or sales tax exemptions.

Here's a menu of can't-go-wrong items to get you started.

1.Adjust thermostats. Turn down the building's heating thermostat and turn up its cooling thermostat, especially when the building is not occupied. No Cost.

2.Reduce the hot water temperature. Reducing the temperature on your water heater thermostat can decrease heat loss from your tank. For washing hands, you may be able to turn the temperature to 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). Dishwashing may require higher temperature settings such as 130 degrees F (54 degrees C). No Cost.

3.Install water flow restrictors and aerators in sink faucets. These measures can save you money by reducing water use (including hot water). Low Cost.

4.Reduce lighting. Remove lamps where you have more lighting than you really need, but be sure to maintain safe lighting conditions for work areas. Turn lights off when they're not in use. No Cost.

5.Seal heating and cooling ductwork. Leakage from areas such as joints, elbows, and connections can be substantial—as much as 20% to 30%. This is especially costly if the ducts travel through unheated or uncooled spaces such as attics, basements, or crawlspaces. Use duct tape or caulk to seal ducting. Low Cost.

6.Wrap the hot water tank with jacket insulation. This simple, inexpensive measure will reduce standby heat loss from the tank. Be sure to leave the air intake vent uncovered when insulating a gas water heater. Low Cost.

7.Replace air filters regularly and follow maintenance schedules for furnace and air-conditioning equipment. Replacing a dirty air filter can save money by reducing the amount of electricity needed to run a blower motor (because there is less resistance to airflow with a clean filter). Low Cost.

8.Install programmable thermostats. These inexpensive devices, most incorporating modern microprocessor-based electronics, can help optimize your building's heating and cooling needs. And you won't need to remember to change thermostat settings every time you open or close your business. Low Cost.

9.Install automatic room-lighting controls. Similar to programmable thermostats, these devices help optimize lighting use by automatically turning lights on or off, depending on occupancy or time of day. Sensors and timers work well and are usually installed by a specialist. Low Cost.

10.Clean heat exchangers and perform routine maintenance on refrigerating equipment. These simple measures will ensure the most efficient operation of heat exchangers needed for cooling or refrigerating equipment. No Cost.

11.Seal off unused areas and don't heat or cool these areas. Storage areas represent a good place to start; turn off heating and cooling to these areas. No Cost.

12.Turn off machines and equipment when not needed. In many businesses, this simple approach can achieve big savings. Don't underestimate the energy savings you can get by turning off unused computers, monitors, printers, and copiers. No Cost.

13.Buy energy-efficient equipment. When buying or replacing computers, copiers, and other office equipment, compare energy requirements of various models. Low Cost.

14.Seal exterior cracks and holes, and ensure tight-fitting windows. Seemingly small cracks or holes in the building exterior (like walls, windows, doors, ceiling, and floors) can really add up to substantial heating or cooling losses. Install weather stripping and caulking to stop these air leaks. Low Cost.

15.Shade sun-exposed windows and building walls. In most areas of the country, direct sunlight streaming through windows at the wrong time of the year can substantially increase your air-conditioning costs. During the cooling season, use shading methods (like window coverings, awnings, trees, and bushes) wherever possible. Low Cost.

16.Repaint building exterior with light colors. When it's time to repaint the exterior of your building, consider using light colors. More sunlight will be reflected away from the building, thus lowering air-conditioning expenses—perhaps your largest energy expense. This is especially true for your roof. Low Cost.

17.Keep exterior doors closed as much as possible. Don't heat or cool the outdoors. No Cost.

18.Block and insulate unneeded windows and other openings. Aside from the important security benefit, covering unneeded windows and doors can greatly reduce energy losses from these openings. Low Cost.

19.Buy energy-efficient vehicles. When buying or replacing company-owned vehicles, compare energy requirements of various models. No Cost or Low Cost.

20.Encourage employees to be energy conscious. The importance of getting employee cooperation shouldn't be underestimated; their practices and activities can make or break efforts such as these. Consider offering a small reward or other incentive for the employee who saves the most energy. No Cost.

I like #18 best I think - "block and insulate"! Brings back memories of more innocent times, such as the good old days when they thought that "duck and cover" was sufficient to protect oneself from a MAJOR SUNBURN should a NUKE explode near you!

Hey - we will all get a chance to test the latter theory soon, methinks...
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