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Friday, November 17, 2006

Luminous MP3 Player 2.0 / Luminous Friday Night Videos Double Bill

Well then, as promised, another 30-odd selection of my favorite MP3s that used to be on here has been replaced with a hyperlink after its 14 days of fame on TLB Prime - a move made necessary for proper "non-cacophonic/chaotic" archival purposes! If you wish to listen to the stupendous selection of songs that were once adorning this post (some of which are available -I hope they still are anyway- on the video form below, courtesy of you may listen to the whole 30 song selection here!
However, this is was supposed to be a LFNV post - and it has to be, for there to be something worth the trip once it is part of the luminous archives here...!
Hence, I offer you some videos of the songs found on the version 2.0 mentioned above...
Indeed, the fine observer with a fine ear and a keen eye for details will notice that virtually all of these songs have special meaning for me... A song for anger management, a song for nostalgia, another song for nostalgia, and another one, and another one...!!! And so on... Others, though, such as "Abacab" and "Slow", are just there for the "rockier" beat that they bring to the overall picture!
One has to up the tempo sometimes, right?
Anyhow...! Enjoy them all! Videos or MP3s! Here or there!

Catherine Wheel is a band - not a girl!
It still needs specifying for some...
Their hit "Black Metallic" is one of those "unforgettable melodies" that one can never forget once you've listened to it...
The song itself has a very allegorical story to tell which comes a distant second to its strikingly catchy melody, verily...

Chevelle - with their hit "The Red" - is a most unorthodox Christian Rock band... Proof positive that even us Christian boys can have "issues", anger within us, rebellion of sorts... All the while remaining good, commendable God-fearing folks! :) Sure, we can!
I know that I've been "in the red" myself for quite some time now - but you have as bad a year as my 2006 has been and you'll be in the red too!
Trust me on that one!
Look for Chevelle to rise to the top in 2007 - they have got all the tools for it!
I still think of cheval (French for horse) whenever I hear their name but that's another story...

Music connaisseurs and aficionados will recognize this classic video immediately, from its very first few seconds...
Astute viewers will notice that the "bad guy" of the piece is the ferryman - not the singer who, for some lesser minds, was thought to be a ghoulish fiend (maybe even a vampire) in this video...
Gee, you can't blame a guy for being a smart consumer!
Just do as he says and DO NOT pay the damn ferryman until he DOES get you to the other side - dammit! It's very sound advice!
And the man dispensing it is simply not being heeded nor thanked for it!

"Clocks keep on ticking, ticking, ticking... Into the future!" No, that's not it - that's actually another song by another band! Hmm... "Time goes by... So slowly..." No, that's not it either! That's something else by another artist still! Let's see if I can get it straight now... "Make this moment a little bit longer... Time Stand Still!"
Ok - I give up! That was not it either - that was something by RUSH!
For some odd reason, most hits by Coldplay are not easily remembered by their lyrics - that is attributable to the fact that some of their songs have titles that are not even part of the lyrics per say...! With the notable exception of Yellow... doh!
That is not the video above, of course...
The song there is another unforgettable melody one cannot tire of!

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