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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Energy Saving Solutions ~ Less Sun In My Existence Though...?!?


Gee - that big ball of fire looks like Dante's Inferno each time I peek at it anyhow! And it threatens to blow us all away into oblivion - us and ALL of our "achievements" - sometime in the distant future... So why bother tap into it as a source of energy? Well, to save some dough in the here and now, for starters... To spare other resources - to breathe easier - and, besides, it is poetic justice in itself! Poetic vindication perhaps, too...! We can always justify our presence in the damnable solar system by sapping an infinitesimal amount of the big ball of fire's energy - eh? I am sure scientologists such as Tom/Kat would agree with the principle... ;)

The sun is, after all, the lone great free energy source out there that the far more damnable governments of our equally damnable planet have NOT found a way to tax! It is ours - for no charge at all! The key is finding a way to substantially tap into it - and there are some ways to do so immediately, "from the comfort of your own home" quite literally, at minimal or no cost at all "to ya" - and with minimal effort too, you lazy couch potato nation you! (I am SURE that you will be pleased as punch to learn all that! ;)

Call this "solar energy for dummies" or "here comes the sun for the idiots" - minus the Waldo lookalike next to any logo and minus the price tag as well! Aren't you indeed pleased as punch that you have TLB PRIME to visit now - HUH? ;)
Ok - the information provided in the luminous comments section was available elsewhere prior to this surprisingly -and fittingly- sunny day here in... "parts unknown" as it is! However, never has this information been so well and so "entertainingly" introduced as it is being presented NOW! Heck - this is ample evidence that I can be, at times, the Ed Sullivan of blogdom - when I want to be that and no more than that! Most days, when gloominess (that sharply contrasts with the sunlight beaming down upon my keyboard right now...) is not assailing me at the core of my heart and soul, I do not bother with merely presenting others' tips and ideas in my luminous comments section here... I actually compose a long, sometimes distasteful, sometimes amusing, always entertaining, always veracious text here - about just about any subject of interest! Not to be on this day of November though - for a variety of reasons too... We're the (damnable) 22nd today, are we not? It marks eight months, to the day and in every other way too (it was on a Wednesday as well, eight months ago...) that the worst-case scenario became reality...

The sun has come and gone on numerous occasions since then...
There were a whole lot of warm, sunny, summer days...
There was a pleasant spring before that, and a reasonable if unreasonably wet autumn afterwards...
And now winter looms on the horizon - as the sun is seen less and less - days are shorter and nights are longer - which cannot help sullenness one bit!
Nor does it help gloominess...
Or bereavement.

Makes this luminous blogger wish that the main link today was readily truthful and achievable - asap! Unlike the author of the website/book/whatever though, this luminous blogger knows better... Life Everlasting Awaits - but it is not for just yet. You may click on the link and see what kind of wishful thinking is being sold there - but know that TLB Prime is NOT endorsing it in any way whatsoever! It was just too ironic to stumble across that link TODAY of all days... I had to include it here!
Sue me, will ya?!?

Now I think I will go take some sun - doubtful that I will get a tan in November, but stranger things have happened to me... To most everyone, I'm sure...

Luminous Disclaimer: the tips provided in the luminous comments section belong to whoever wrote them - AND do NOT provide you with any clues as to what to do exactly if all of your household appliances come to depend on solar energy - and there's a total eclipse of the sun! You're on your own if such an occurrence of nature/God's Creation does rain on your sunshine parade...! ;)


Here Comes the Sun: 16 Tips for Using Solar More Energy Saving Solutions

Adapted from 547 Ways to be Fuel Smart, by Roger Albright.

There are money-saving ideas for using solar energy that everyone can use. Here are 16 ideas you can do right away, at minimal cost and effort, to take greater advantage of that great free source of energy, the sun.

Simple Solution:


* Begin on the outside of your house. Black and other dark colors absorb sun warmth; white and light colors reflect that warmth. Assuming you live where it gets cold in the winter, darker colors for your house exterior, particularly your roof, will pass more of the available heat from the sun to your house.

* You can get sunburned under water; you can get sunburned on a cloudy day; you can get sunburned through a T-shirt; and you can get sunburned on a ski slope when the temperature is below zero. Naturally, the windows of your house, and especially those facing south, can admit a lot of heat from the sun.

* Storm windows will impede the passage of sunlight very little, but they do keep in more of the heat once it has entered your house.

Most conventional greenhouses have glass on four sides and a glass roof. The plants get a lot of light, but the heating bill can be enormous. At night, the heat leaves through the glass walls and roof. A solar greenhouse usually has a large, sloped south-facing area of glass to receive the light the plants need to grow. However, the other sides are well insulated to reduce the heat loss to the outdoors.

* In a solar greenhouse, sun heat is stored in the soil and in water containers. At night, this heat radiates into the greenhouse and keeps it from getting too cold. Take advantage of this concept throughout your house by having solid objects with an ability to store heat standing in the sunlight to store warmth that will be radiated after the sun goes down.

* One good heat collector is a windowsill row of flowerpots or an indoor window box. The dirt will store warmth during the day, helping the plants to grow and warming the room at night.

* In your house, can the low-lying winter sun slant across the room to warm a brick-fronted fireplace, a slate entryway, or a similar solid surface? Be sure the drapes are pulled back to take advantage of these solar collectors. Don't forget to shut the drapes at night to keep in warmth.

* Light-colored shades or slatted blinds drawn across a sunny window will reflect the sun's warmth right back outdoors again. During the daylight hours, keep the sunny windows in the clear to let that warmth in.

* The first step into solar power for many people is a solar hot water system. Such systems are available for new homes or for retrofitting on older homes. They will furnish 50 to 100 percent of your hot water requirements. Look at your current cost of heating hot water and talk to a contractor about the costs and possible savings of a solar system. Ask your contractor for references so you can get a better idea of how much people in your area save with their solar hot-water heaters.

* If you have unused space up under your roof -- and this will certainly be true if yours is a house with a truss-roof design --consult with a plumber on a cost of putting a secondhand, uninsulated hot water tank up there. Make sure your attic floor can support the added weight. At least during the warmer months, the upstairs tank, liked to the water lines before the water gets to your regular heater, will preheat th ewter, making for less fuel usage for household hot water. If your roof is insulated, that space up top will be warmer than the outdoors even in winter, so the tank up there can pre-warm your water year-round.

* Sunshine is not only a source of warmth but also a source of light at the same time. Turning on the light switches in the daytime may be a habit you can break just by rearranging the furniture or opening the blinds more often.

* Next time you're ready to repaint or repaper a room, think about how the room is used before you choose the colors. Light colors in a room will bounce the daylight around, making it a pleasant and cheerful place without extra illumination. This is a less important factor in bedrooms, which are used primarily at night.

* In fact, in rooms used solely for sleeping the main function windows have is to provide a little ventilation. Wintertime solar heat won't be available when the room is in use, so let the windows be small, or heavily draped.

* Window light can be scarce in the kitchen because you often want a lot of storage, rather than windows, on the outside walls. It's even more important, then, to choose light colors for the kitchen walls.

* If you're designing from scratch, or doing a major remodeling, think about a combined kitchen-dining area with storage on the north wall and windows on the south and east walls. That way you can have both storage and sunshine.

* Whenever possible, place daytime reading and working areas where window light will be sufficient on all but the most overcast days. Specifically, consider the location of the sewing machine, the chair with the magazine rack, the play table for the children, the workbench, and items like an artist's easel or a computer. Light also means heat, so you'll be warmer as you work.

* Are you planning to turn a dark attic into a bright living space? A skylight could change a gloomy garret into a pleasant place. Make sure you install a high-quality window or the heat loss in winter will more than cancel out the savings you gain from the daylight. Look for a double-paned window with at least ½-inch air space between each pane. Low-e glass or argon-filled units will reduce heat loss. Some skylights include shades to reduce overheating during the arm months. You can also use the shades, particularly if they are made of a fabric that insulates well, to keep the heat in at night. Finally, select the model with the lowest rate of infiltration.

One more (this time LUMINOUS) tip - don't keep your window blinds shut - as The Fifth Dimension sang so well, LET THE SUNSHINE IN...!!

You'll be glad you did! ;)

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