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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Statistics Sundays - Unalarming Edition - But Take Heed Still... Ok?

Unbelievably, in the computer age, statistics north of the 49th parallel have shown that there has been an INCREASE instead of a decrease of paper usage and WASTING between the years 1983 and 2003...

Twenty years - seems to be the theme of this week-end here, on TLB Prime!
Twenty long years and nothing has improved for the environment as far as deforestation goes - it is still on and in full bloom, so to speak ironically... It is in progress while our eco-system is in regress!
And it is not just computers that are failing to waste less paper (we print out way too much junk - that's what it is!) but the substitution of cash, the change from having one and two dollar bills in Canada -replacing those with coins- has not had any short term impact whatsoever on paper usage... The only short term impact it has had, is to weigh down considerably our pockets and wallets - and the old ladies really connect and hurt their targets when they take to hitting us over our heads with their purses! Heck - *as velhas biatas* can K.O. just about anybody now! I'll never help another old bag cross the street again - ever! But that is another story (well, not really this time - I'm putting you on! That sort of thing - the ungrateful old lady who turns on the guy who helps her cross the street - did happen to a friend of a friend of mine, but not to me! :) Phew! *lol*
But I digress...!

The long term effect of switching to durable coins and computers was not only less paper used but more efficiency across the wire... Has it been accomplished? Coins will last forever but cost more to produce (duh!) and "long term" is too far off to even see... Also, old habits die hard - we keep files in memory banks but like it neatly printed to read... Too bad for our forests, eh? It was a good thought, a neat idea, but not feasible in the end! It is just too bad... But we can live with that - RIGHT? Oops - forgot the much-needed photosynthesis in all that, didn't they? Bah - we still have the oceans... Oops - polluted to death! Well, life on Earth was "good" (sort of) while it lasted... eh?

Aye - and this was an "unalarming" edition...
Just imagine...!

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