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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This And That Tuesday - Take Three - This is it - That's it, That's all!

This time out, we'll just send out warnings left and right the way they come to me...

That shall suffice, one dares hope, to get the message across to somebody...!!!

This trend going on right now in Hollywood for instance - it has to stop!
Puh-leeze folks - steer clear of the Batty family or the muties for two seconds!

Movies today - with all that wonderful CGI available - are WASTED on losers like Blade, Daredevil, Catwoman and the LXG... Why? Because they are substantially cheaper to produce; that's why!
Make films worth making PLEASE - it should not have been Constantine, it should have been Deadman... Or The Spectre... Or better yet (in my book) - Phantom Stranger!

Likewise, traditional superheroics in the grimy urban setting could be revisited for the umpteenth time... OR... One could be more creative and visit a wondrous world below the waves with AQUAMAN... Or explore the starry ways with SILVER SURFER - two far better choices in my estimation than giving the creepy Ghost Rider a shot - ever! It is bad enough that Hellboy got done already... :(
Fanboys - quit supporting the crap and get behind worthier characters!
Remember that the genuine "good guys" are NOT supposed to be the ones who look beefier when they are covered by their quarries' hemoglobin - nor are they the sexier eye-candy -when they are female, duh- "bad babes" when they are being excessively violent for little or no good reason...
Worthier characters are found in those that can, somehow, espouse the beauty of their environment and fight to protect it in a clean, "non-blooshed-prone" way...! Support THOSE for a change!
That is - if you can't find better to do with your time and cashflow...!!!

That's it for THAT...

Now, for this trend in the considerably far less wondrous universe of POLITICS...
Truly, it is an aberration to think that anyone elected will KEEP THEIR WORD... Haven't we seen this enough times already to just, like, know better?!?
Candidates will promise a lot of things - during their CAMPAIGNS...
Once elected, for a myriad of reasons, sure, they will recant and go back on their word... Oftentimes, they are not exactly rotten to the core and crooked beyond belief - they just find out that they cannot bend the damn system to fit what is RIGHT... Proof and ample evidence right there that THE SYSTEM SUCKS... But that is another sadly sordid story right there as well...
So before you rejoice too much, Pombo-ites and other assorted candidates fan clubs, think of THIS... And of THAT!

That is not to say that we cannot BE THE CHANGE that we seek in society... In the world at large... In our own homes, certainly... In our city, in our town... In our own small way, each and every single one of us can and should do a little bit of something to steer our surroundings towards a more proper path - hopefully not in any sort of gaudy way either...! We can't do much, maybe, but we can do SOMETHING, surely...! Leading by example is always the most convincing way of all possible ways - it sure beats the tar out of empty politician's promises, I tell you!

This could be the start of a new beginning for us all...
That is, IF my luminous advice is heeded...!
Aye - it is a big, huge, monumental IF indeed...

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