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Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Care Or Not To Care - Is That A Question Or Is It A Dare? Bah - Does ANYONE Care... REALLY?!?

Seems like you won't be able to see this profile in "luminousoscope" anytime soon:

And they thought they could hide my own profile from ME...
They of little faith...
Who are "they"? Glad you asked...
"They" are the administrators of a certain website who have taken upon themselves to hide my profile from view and suspend indefinitely my access to said profile as, also, to most every feature on their site...
I am a host of two groups, on that website - one about spirituality, the other about writing. And I am a member of many, many more groups there...
I have been an upstanding citizen as a part of that "web community" - except on the few occasions when I have been pushed. I pushed back - hard. I silenced the entire rambling atheistic crowd in a group created around the questioning (and thinly-veiled disbelief in) the existence of God... I was slandered on there too - and cleared, since I was not ever guilty of a thing. And now, NOW, in the "worst year of my life", I am suspended indefinitely for having threatened the good health of a first-class JERK - himself a host of some groups... The disagreement is summed up succinctly here by the few, the proud, the truly luminous friends of little luminous me!
Aye, this time, I plead guilty as charged! And I do so with abundant pride and the satisfying knowledge that I was JUST in doing so - meting out appropriate punishment to he who deserved it all - and more!
Alas, the Care2 "support" team has sided with the jerk...
It does not help my case one bit that "the incident" was all deleted by the inane, vastly absent from the scene, host of the one group where all of it took place...
The exchanges were not tasteful, but it is when they got personal that, as I could say, la moutarde me monta au nez...!
I tried to forget about it - to no avail at all!
Seeing this unresolved and seeing the jerk unrepentent too made my blood boil one day - and I sent him a nice "introduction" message as they have them there (sigh) to re-introduce myself to the jerk with the failing code of ethics, sense of what's right and what isn't and plain failing memory!
In it, I stated my intention to see him go through a life of discomfort and illness - as a certain saintly man had gone through since 1993 - so that one could see how he would come out at the other end of such a journey...
I voiced my hope to see him expiate his jerkiness, so to speak...
I even "cared" enough to volunteer in order to make his journey HAPPEN, in concrete everyday life... I.O.W. I volunteered to render him invalid! That is not so bad - if I truly had hatred in my heart, it would have been far, far worse...
What this jerk of a man said was well worth such "promises" on my part...
(I will not repeat what he said though - how can I possibly "forget but never forgive" it if I start repeating it all? And even immortalizing it, on MY OWN SITE??? It would make no sense. Now, I know, some will say that forgiving and forgetting are the same thing - others will recall that I usually say to "forgive, but never forget! That way, you won't fall twice for the same cr@p!"
All I can say is that THIS is one of those exceptions that reaffirm the rule... If you get what I'm screaming! ;)
There is not much difference between what I did and a caring father reprimanding and castigating his wayward son...!
The Care2 Frogs though (frogs because their symbol and mascot of sorts is a frog, yes - as I often complained, if they had listened to me, they'd have a cute newt on there instead; but do they ever listen to me? Noooooooo... But I digress...) - well, they do not care much about the "tough love" approach and methods... (Although it is, indeed, anything but love going there...)
Hence, they sent me this message on All-Hallows' Eve... (How conveeeenient...)

--- On Tue 10/31, Care2 Support Team via RT <> wrote:

From: Care2 Support Team via RT [mailto:]
To: luminous_luciano@thatwouldbetelling
Date: 31 Oct 2006 15:29:03 -0800
Subject: [ #97990] C2S: Login Problems - Care2 Connect Access Problem

Hello Luciano,

Thank you for contacting Care2 customer support. I've investigated the
reasons behind your suspension and we have decided to keep the
suspension in place at this time. Your behavior was a violation of our
Code of Conduct and was found to be abusive toward another member. We
cannot take these violations lightly.

Care2 Support

(Ah, yes - my "contacting" them was really me sending them this link right here - no more, no less!)

The site that claims to have at heart all of the following causes...

The people there though spend more time with frivolous things than they do actually changing the world... One has to believe that a mere bunch of regular folks can truly change ANYTHING AT ALL though before one begins to see some results...
Me, I have greater faith in the changing power of God than in that of any blue-collar folkes... Mind you, man -in the generic sense- has proven apt and able to change things around him - FOR THE WORSE. But that is another story too...

Oh, I replied to the e-mail above, with this:

Subject: RE: [ #97990] C2S: Login Problems - Care2 Connect Access Problem

... (you) cannot take these violations lightly...

And I do not take disrespect towards the dead lightly either...

I do not regret for one second my violation of your Code...

In font this big too! I loved, also, that I sent them this reply on All Saints' Day - and am blogging about it today, on the officious Day of the Dead!
I cannot help but to wonder what the erstwhile, once and future care2 friends on my list - a.k.a. my mere "care2connections" that I barely knew for the most part - will think of all this...
Many of them are allegedly...

I see them not as the kind of queens that would give to the poor against their wicked kings' will (that is a direct reference to a saint, mind you, one that I should have included on my list yesterday! Oh well - I will have her take the sole spotlight in a future edition of "Saints & Angels ~ The TLB Prime Series" that's all!) but then again there are so very few genuine saints left on this Earth... My grievances are, as always, with soulless jerks and clumsy "mis-management" - not with any collection of would-be fairy tale merchandising princesses full of good intentions! ;)
They are surely going to be reading this too as is still importing this very blog into their website, as a part of the "care2 shares" program...
Can you believe that...
My "sharebook" is still being updated, even if my profile is invisible and, for all intents and purposes, inexistent!
Such paradoxical behaviour could only emanate from a frog's brain indeed!
I could bet a 10 dollar bill that the next thing of mine to get disabled will be the blog feed... Boo-hoo.
True L.O.V.s and regular readers will always find a way to get on here or get the RSS feed through here!
Anybody else among the 284 that are, in reality, uncaring so-called "friends" can skip the process altogether from now on...
Anyone who thinks ill of me and sides with both the disrespectful jerk AND the mismanaging frogs can hardly be deemed a "buddy o'mine" now - can he/she?
Sorry, though - no one can delete their connections as long as one of the two profiles involved is on "stand-by" as mine indubitably is...!
Again - boo-hoo.


you out of everyone else I know there deserve to be allowed to stay on Care2 site! They sure don't know what they are talking about. I'm in your corner all the way! There are lots of jerks on care2. You are NOT one of them!

God Bless you Luce (\ô/)
If it isn't bothering you why keep harping on it let it go and move on. You threaten to cripple a man not a smart nor a good move to make .
Yes he was very wrong to say anything about the loss of your father but the old saying goes two wrongs don't make a right.
Now that is my story and I'm sticking to it.
Justice is a certain rectitude of mind whereby a man does what he ought to do in circumstances confronting him.
- St. Thomas Aquinas

I did what I had to do, I feel.

Two wrongs certainly do not make a right - but my so-called "wrong" was right in line with the sense of "justice" that is the norm around here...

What do we do to criminals?
We punish them - we put them behind bars, we contain them in-between four walls and HOPE that they will repent and reform and mend their ways...

Fat chance that THAT will ever occur...

Hence, more punishment should be meted out then! ;)


The frogsters have no clue what matters the most?

All that they are good for are to be police mutts?

So be it - but I will NOT let them steam roll all over me, send me to the corner, suspend me unjustly AS WHAT I DID WAS TO DEFEND THE HONOR AND MEMORY OF A SAINTLY MAN.

He is not a saintly man because he is my father - I make and repeat this statement because I OBSERVED IT AND KNOW IT IS A FACT.

Screw anyone who casts doubt upon it.
Much moreso some feeble-minded nescient Halifax MORON who knows nothing about nothing!

See what the problem is about web communities such as - TOO MANY MORONS ARE GIVEN FREE SPEECH! What happened to that ITHER old maxim that dictates that "when you have nothing nice to say, (you shouldn't) say anything" - huh? I could add to it too - WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, DON'T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING! That Halifax flummoxed one needs to learn that... THE HARD WAY.
And if I do see him standing before me - I sure will cripple him for life!

Hope you read this, KEVIN T.
Aww, did any of you NOT receive the following touching e-mail that paints such a pretty picture of (self-patting on the back really) as one Randy Paynter, founder of Care2, would want all of us to see...

Hi Luciano,


You and the rest of Care2’s members have been working hard to elect candidates who support the environment, animals, and progressive causes -- and all of your hard work has paid off. You were a powerful force in last week’s US election: some of the worst enemies of the environment have been defeated, and some of its strongest supporters are moving into new positions of power.

Hundreds of Care2 members volunteered to travel to Congressman Richard Pombo’s district, walking door-to-door to spread the word that he had one of the worst voting records in Congress on the environment, women’s rights, and progressive causes. As Chair of the House Resources Committee, Richard Pombo proposed legislation to sell a quarter of the land managed by the National Park Service, tried to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, and worked to weaken the Endangered Species Act. Thanks in part to your efforts, Richard Pombo was defeated.

More than 1,000 Care2 members volunteered to make phone calls to voters in key Congressional and Senate races across the nation. These efforts helped to tip the balance, leading to many victories for friends of the environment.

Tens of thousands of Care2 members worked for clean elections.

Millions of Care2 members voted for candidates who will stand up for the environment, for human rights, and for what’s right.

Because of your efforts, the prospects are much brighter for progress on global warming, for protection of wilderness areas and our coastlines from drilling, for protection of the rights of women, and for the USA to be a global leader for human rights and peace.

In recent years, Care2 and its nonprofit allies have been forced to play defense, opposing repeated legislative efforts to damage the environment, to weaken protections for animals, to allow torture of political prisoners, to authorize warrantless wiretapping, to reduce the rights of women, and to allow lobbyists to buy political decisions. Standing up to these challenges has been important work, and the millions of actions taken by Care2 members have turned the tide. Now we can seize the momentum and make important strides for the health of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Thank you for all that you have done! I’m proud that you are part of Care2!

Randy Paynter
Founder, Care2
Care2 peeps backing up Pombo is THE highlight of this great contribution that care2 is making to society - to the WORLD?

Let's see now...
Who else travelled to California to back up and support Pombo... Ah, yes - Dubya's wife, Laura Bush!


Great pick you all came up with there, care2 folks!

I'd like to see just one more name there - one of the OTHER names that "tens of thousands" and/or "millions" of care2 members helped out...

Just to see if they're as bad, potentially, as Pombo potentially is as well!

Nice try, Ralph Nader...
I mean, Randy Paynter...

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