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Friday, December 15, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Video


To the question "How To Save A Life?" I would have to say that I don't have the answer...
Aye, I admit it - I am clueless as to "how to save a life"...
Not talking about CPR or anything of the sort here though...
I am talking about a far more important perspective of things here, quite evidently... One that leads the most wide-eyed among us to ponder another question altogether, one that could be formulated in these terms: "why retain someone in this life"...?
Indeed, since March, I have pondered these questions - and the answer was clear all along, but, as it is the case oftentimes with these higher things, one refuses to see the answer...
Why retain someone in this crummy world, if he or she is begging to be released from his/her mortal coil?
I do not advocate "assisted suicide" or anything of the sort - but when most every one of you and -mostly- those who do not read me (simply because they are more numerous than those that do - simple mathematical chances here!) will be faced with the situation that I was thrusted into, last March, you will then see that the best course is to let go indeed...
It is the hardest part of love - letting go.
(Direct reference to a hit from yesteryear that I am still looking for - it would be, then, on my Christmas wish list! Not that I even want to celebrate Christmas this year though...)
The song on the video today admonishes many tidbits of perennial good advice - luminous advice, I would say!
None is better than the following two:
"talk to someone" and "don't fear death".
Just make damn sure that you choose well who you talk to - no hypocrites or false friends now! And select well your time of departure - do not hasten towards it! It comes towards you soon enough - on an idle weekday afternoon where no evil foreboding whatsoever could possibly creep up on you, when nothing of the sort even dawns on you - BAM! Do nothing - let it come to you. It will hit you with the full impact of a bulldozer propelled by a frost giant's slingshot!
Hmm... Ok - that allegorical image reeks too much of my "winterphobia" I suppose...
In the meantime, live life to the fullest and cause no harm to thy fellow man.
I bid thee farewell now - I must re-enter *the fray* once again...
I suppose...

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