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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas! - - - Year's Review Now!


When Good Folks Share The Same Neighbourhood With The Scum of the Earth - A Year's End Review!

The year started with an ongoing feud for me - I was at odds with a certain Gourgen Sevantsian -may his soul finds its way to the deepest farthest most putrid reaches of Hades; once it is open for "business", of course!- and a variety of other creeps, really... One had showed up, unannounced evidently, at 4 in the morning of December the 25th - and he wasn't even dressed up as Santa! Worse still, he was dead drunk and, most noticeably, stoned... My good ol' buddies in blue took him away that night... Ahh - memories from a year ago! I am such a nostalgic... ;)

Once February rolled around, I had high hopes for virtually every facet of my life - I was "in control", see? I was in control of the things I said and the things I did (I hear Janet Jackson can pull this off too - neat) and I was even in control of my enemies - a step ahead each and every time they tried "something"... I could not be "taken by surprise" or taken aback by anything that wasn't foreseen - I was in such control that I was foreseeing everything from a mile away! One cannot be any more "in control" than THAT! Not omniscience, mind you - but as close as a human being and regular joe can hope to get to it in his everyday routine, aye! :)

Once March came around though, it all quickly unravelled... Those moments of "being shot down back to reality level" are the hardest moments anyone has to go through, surely... Here, my powerlessness was painfully evident as I lost within SECONDS to the ultimate adversary, the Grim Reaper. (Evidently, it wasn't my own life I was fighting for - or I would not be typing this right now! If it pleases you though, amicable reader, to believe that I am thy friendly ghostly blogger - then by all means carry on believing that! What do I care...!)
Ironically, losing to the Reaper made me want to reap some souls on my own...! But I exercized, once again, CONTROL... self-control this time, the likes of which the great, late Laura Branigan sang about (this time... You must admit though that the singing voices are improving so far, with each pop culture reference here! ;)

I must admit that April, May and most of the summer of 2006 too are sort of a BLUR... I remember formulating many "revenge plans" - legal actions, lawsuits, beatings and kidnappings... (Just kidding about the last two - I think! Again, I cannot readily tell - it's all a blur...!)
None of these plans were truly set in motion - I think...!
I did collect lots of data though (ironically the basic definition of my current job - aw, gotta love those significant coincidences that mean zilch in the Grand Scheme of Things still... But I digress...) - so, maybe it will still be useful... Who knows...

Let's flash-forward to September... September Mourning (pop culture reference number three!) was hard... October and the first Canadian Thanksgiving without Dad was harder... November and the REAL Thanksgiving -as well as the current Holiday Season- was/is the HARDEST...

Rewind to JULY... The picture above is from that month - I do believe! The drug-bust in my neighborhood... I haven't seen many druggies (the sellers or the users) and their regular acolytes since then... GOOD! It was getting to be MIGHTILY annoying to see the degradation of the neighborhood, all the lowlives who were coming to it, all the excesses... In this, the once quiet suburb, close-to-everything (probably the reason of its degradation right there...) and a haven for many retirees... Such as my saintly Dad! And these two elderly neighbors of mine too - one was found dead in his home by his attorney son... Seems like his dad had been dead for WEEKS... He wouldn't have known though - he was too busy making moolah to bother visiting or phoning his dad...
(Mind you, I sought and found "a job" too, right around that time as well - but I'm not in it "for the money" but really only to change my mind, clear it from too many "not-luminous-but-lugubrious" thoughts... Maybe even to "see people" - but those turn out to be hypocrites in a vast majority and so it does not help at all ultimately... But I digress...)
The other elderly neighbor has also disappeared this past year - he was taken away by the men in white, for his part... He could not be allowed to live in his own home anymore, being borderline suicidal and a danger to himself and his household, so... His kids took no time emptying his old home and selling it once they had him institutionalized. One cannot stop progress, evolution or degeneration - right?

These elderly gents were therefore practically replaced, temporarily, by the scum of the earth, in the aforementioned neighborhood... These being the druggies, that smug Gourgen piece of crap and others of the same ilk... THANK GOD they were all "taken away" too, though, in due time... I remember thinking "thank God my Dad is not here to be a witness to this" too... But that is a fallacy - he was a better witness to it all then than he would have been had he been alive and in his bed while it was all taking place...
But that is another story too...

I cannot believe the mish-mash sometimes; and it was never as annoyingly clear as it was in 2006. Good people living surrounded by truly CRAPPY INDIVIDUALS... You know the kind: the kind that should have never been born...! However, God decreed that the bad seeds had to grow amongst the good ones - it is all part of the TEST that is... Life!
Unfortunately, many twiddledees and twiddledums out there have, quite simply put, the wrongest approach to Life there can be... I am talking about the types who follow warped logic such as "I am a nobody - nobody's perfect - therefore I am perfect!" or "everybody does it - so I'll do it too!" - see who I mean? We ALL know somebody like that - several somebodies like that, actually... To these bozos we should not wish merely a "happy new year" but an "eye-opening, awakening, illuminating new year", yeah!
They need it desperately...
Especially those druggies who push it as far as thinking themselves to be "perfect" - perfect crap, maybe... THERE IS NO PERFECTION IN THIS WORLD - is it understood, once and for all? If you are still in doubt about this one, look just a little bit closer at our healthcare, judicial and political systems - and all doubts will be eradicated from your feeble mind!
I hope... ;)
And that is not going to change in 2007 either...

In conclusion though, in re: 2006, I can ascertain that this was both the crummiest year of my entire life AND the year in which I met more hypocrites than I care to shake a stick at... or a steel bar... or a baseball bat... or a hockey stick... or a stylish antique cane... or a steedish umbrella... (What - one too many pop culture references there? Sooooooorry... ;)
I met hypocrites who swore Hippocrates' oath.
I met hypocrites who'd swear on their own heads if it got them where they want to get to...
I met hypocrites of both genders and of all shapes and forms! To all of you (as usual, they know who they are) I say... well, what I said earlier! Have an eye-opening, awakening, illuminating new year! And may it be painful for you all, too - it helps! I know! From experience! Not that I needed to be cured from the same sort of curse as you evidently do - no! Still - the more painful the eye-opening is, the greater are the chances that it will "stick" to your psyche! ;)

To everyone else, faithful friends, readers and TLB Prime aficionados who have stuck with the luminous blog and its affiliates throughout the tormented year of 2006 A.D. - thank you! And have a happy 2007 - rife with prosperity, joy, health, love, luck and tofu! Tofu?!? Yeah - tofu! With mad cow diseases and avian flus, soon enough it will be the only safe thing left! *LOL*

I could go through the list of great ones and not-so great ones who "left us" in 2006 - but it is what I do regularly already, over at the lugubrious blog!
Any other memorable events were sardonically remarked and scrutinized throughout my network, I am sure... (truth be told, I often save the posts as mere drafts, so they could still be forthcoming then...! Patience! Patience is a virtue! ;)

I am looking forward to comment sarcastically on the forthcoming events of 2007... Oh yeah... For sure! ;)
Vivement 2007!
Et mort à 2006 - année de la tourmente maudite!
Que Deus nos deia um bom ano 2007 - nos merecemes...
Eu penso! ;)


On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means "extremely crummy" and 10 "extremely stupendous", how would you rate the year 2006...?

Or better yet...

On a different scale now, how would you qualify the year 2006 A.D. - overall?

Would you say that 2006 A.D. was

1) An Excellent Year
2) A Very Good Year
3) A Good Year (not the blimp now!)
4) A Moderately Good Year
5) A Passable Year
6) A Bad Year
7) An Extremely Bad Year
8) An Horrendous Year
9) The Pits!

I know, I know...
You're all going "not another surrrr-veyyyyyyy!"

Verily, with all the druggies, hypocritical co-workers, bastards, S.O.B.s and the like that I met all throughout the year - especially those quacks - I can safely say that their camp outnumbers the "angels on earth" among us at a rate of 10 to 1, with ease!

It goes for the people I know anyway!
Each angelic one I know is countered by 10 of the opposite camp!

And that cannot be a trend just for my area - no way! This is a sad trend that is taking momentum all around the globe... Alas!


I guess God Is Calling home all of His Angels...

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