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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

In the last few days, in a local paper time will surely forget, some gent has been listing, one at a time, all of his reasons for NOT celebrating Christmas anymore (11 or 12 they are, in all - eleven, I do believe, even though we allegedly have "twelve days of Christmas" for our true love to give to us... HA!)

Among the enumerated reasons that I caught, one stood out:
he was 11 years-old (probably the reason why he has 11 reasons as well...) and he came home from school one day to learn that his dad had been taken away urgently to the hospital - his dad had suffered stroke, was in a deep coma and was hooked up to a respirator, teetering on the edge of life... His teacher had told his class that day, fittingly, that if one who was pure of heart prayed fervently and with true faith in order to obtain a favor, God would surely heed his plea. The author of this piece states then that he had figured, back then, in his tiny eleven year-old intellect, that there could be no purer heart around than his (different times, y'know...) and so, certainly, his prayer would be heeded... And so, for the next few days (perhaps more than eleven - again, different times... Nowadays, you're lucky to get 6 days on a respirator if you have no other "connections"...) the little boy prayed fervently...

The author does not relate the rest of the story - but one can guess the inevitable outcome there... eh?

What the author of that series of reasons to detach oneself from, truly, a commercial fest rather than a religious celebration of The Truth, seems to have forgotten or outright bypassed completely there is that God rapatriates his children - and those he summons back are really BETTER OFF...
He confuses earthly interpretations of what Christmas should be like with what it really should be all about...
He mixes and matches, blends altogether all of that stuff (one of his other main reasons being the "santa lie" told to kids over and over again...) and comes out at the other end with his "commandments" as to why he and whoever is like him should not celebrate this time of the year...

I do not falter in logic this way...
I do not blame God for human errors such as lies, hypocrisy, evil deeds...
I do not blame God for the wages of sin either - not to say that those who die or are ill are greater sinners than others though - we are ALL sinners, only in different degrees... The healthy ones will take ill and die too... Worse still, for them, the wages of sin could be worse for the true meaning of "wages of sin" is the death of one's soul... Beware, healthy sinners out there...
I do not even blame God for death - for we brought this upon ourselves... Death was not God's Will for us.

I do not celebrate Christmas for very different, yet strangely similar, illuminated reasons here...

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