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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Illogical Ineptitude In The World Today...

Everywhere I look these days, I see it and it irks me, as ever...!

I am pleased whenever others see it too: like this Senator (from Nebraska, is it? And a fellow Republican too...!) who criticizes Dubya's administration for even being there, in Iraq... Indeed, the USA should not intersperse themselves at all in the whole process there - but we all know what they are really there for, don't we?

More illogical crap I notice, randomly now:

- This inept food chain store company that holds different banners - under one banner, advertised as "the cheapest basket overall", you can purchase an item cheaper, as a single unit. In the parent banner, even when complying to its rules (which forces the consumer to purchase four or up to six units in order to get "the best price" possible there) the very same product winds up costing more! And it sure is the same product; for, need I remind you that we are talking about the very same chain store company - only two different banners or brands of it! It makes no intrinsic sense to have this happen INTERNALLY - how can they possibly not be aware of their own prices?!? They may have the different concept venues if they want - but they must maintain an inherent logic to it all! Even if only cents make up the difference, it should be cheaper per single unit at the place where buying four or six of them is required - NOT AT THE OTHER PLACE WHERE THERE ARE NO SUCH HASSLES OR DEMANDS...!!! BE LOGICAL, PEOPLE!!!
(And a logical customer will boycott these dumb illogical stores, managed by inept illogical administrators!)

- There's also rampant incompetence and lack of logic amply evident in the entertaining field, of course; it is seen in the miscasting of so many parts, in the mishandling of so many properties that deserve a fairer shot and in the mismanagement of resources and talent left and right! No other industry is so ineptly managed as the entertainment industry - but it needs not even saying anymore; for everybody knows that!

- And then there is the damnable I.T. industry! After all, we are in the Information Age, aren't we? But for such well-read eggheads and brainiacs, why are they so poorly informed ultimately, huh?!? Few of them seem to have a single clue as to what the consumer really wants! They devise all-new software without thinking of the problems that might arise - for doing so would eradicate the vital opportunity for the company to make a bundle while trying to "fix" those problems by selling "patches", additional software or other quick fixes for a substancial fee, of course...! What a racket - one that seems logical -as profitable- on the surface... But, really now, don't they realize that a truly smart consumer will simply tire of all this crap and look elsewhere before long? It is not like Microsoft and its Windows Vista is the only show in town, you know...! ;) Just ask Apple, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Quanta, AsusTek and the rest of the IT 100...!
None seem to be any more "close to their customer" than the other though... :(
If they were so "in touch" with their customers' needs, they'd have made it all a whole lot more affordable a long, looooong time ago...! ;)
That's for starters...!

- Nowhere though is it more apparent indeed than in the pathetic world of politics! They say one thing, they do the opposite. All decisions made are so very self-serving as well... Not one bit of decency left, it would seem... Smoke and mirrors are used to fool us into thinking there still is some, and the more gullible among us will fall for it too and actually elect or even re-elect the scoundrels! Such convincing swindlers that they are, I understand... I wouldn't know though, because I do not lend a ear to their empty promises nor to their meek attempts at passing themselves off as great leaders who genuinely care about "their people"...!

I could go on - It seems also illogical to leave out so many more guilty parties out there - but this is enough for now, as I am out of time here...!
Leave some for the next blog! ;)

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